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Day 313 and inner city gardens

Last day of workshop, I will be blog more about that on my other one, that also means last day to draw inner city London, with it’s many interesting window gardens.


Day 310 and bird’s eyes

Etching workshop is now coming along nicely, I have one plate ready to do the first proof and a second half ready for the first proof. One of the good things about having two hours between the end of work and the start of the workshop is plenty of drawing time. I spent some of it in the college cafeteria, but mostly from the third floor lounge window. There are some interesting perspectives.


Day 242 and chimneys

I did a few pages before class today, just sitting in the minute Norway Square and sketching the rooflines. This was one particularly quaint fisherman’s cottage-turned-holiday rental with a rather tall chimney, by far the largest on the square, with obligatory palm tree.


Course is going frustratingly slow, I am not very good at “letting go” so my tutor has an uphill battle with me. But more on that on the other blog.

Day 241 and invitations

A late post from me as having just arrived back from a dinner invitation. Before y’all get excited, not that sort of dinner invitation (or maybe it is, I don’t know how your mind works).

On the previous course, I had become quite friendly with one of my fellow attendees, and being a local she invited me to her home for dinner and to meet her husband.Very gracious and generous, we had a lovely meal and talked to quite late into the night about all sorts of things. Unfortunately, I eventually had to make a push as I was to walk across town to the hotel, get up for class in the morning, and they had commitments for tomorrow as well.

So with meeting my new friend straight after class and enjoying a full evening, I only have the sketches from class today to show. No extra drawing today, sorry!


Day 240 and sunshine resumes

We were all very happy in class today, we had our sunshine back so we could spend the morning drawing outdoors. It was still blowing a gale, mind, and not the warmest (said the girl with a singlet, short and long sleeve t-shirts, fleece and windbreaker on). I took some ink from college, plus all my other usual toys and sat with my fellow classmates, gossiping and sketching. In the afternoon we were back in the studios creating our “final” piece of which mine consisted of using every available medium found in the studio on one page. It’s nothing to write home about. But here are a few pages from this morning, one in sepia pastel pencil and one in “purple” ink.


Day 239 and the big wet

First day of my 2-day “Illustrating St Ives” course and it bucketed down. Typical! No outdoor sketching, so we avoided the torrent and drew the fishing nets and baskets left over from the previous day’s course. We have a nice group of people, and were quite happy to depict the items on display. Not sure how I am meant to make this into a piece that illustrates my perception of the picturesque town though….


Day 230 and last days

I’m terribly sad, today was the last day of my “From Watercolour to Etching” workshop at the City Lit. We worked very hard today, etching plates in acid and printing lots of pretty colours. I just wish there were more sessions, it has been the highlight of my week and four sessions are simply not enough. I’ll post some pics of final prints on my sister blog, because this one is all about the drawing. Here is one from before class started, whilst I was waiting in the student lounge, looking out the window.


Day 209 and Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Today was my first day of the 4-week “From Watercolour to Etching” workshop at the City Lit. Naturally I was by far too early, but it gave me time to have a coffee and sketch a couple of pages. Today was mostly about making test plates so we understand the ways of making painterly marks with etching. It was lots of fun. During lunch I popped across King’s Way to Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is a lovely green space in London. So relaxed on a weekend. I love the old trees in the park, they are so interesting to draw and I could spend hours there, instead of just 20mins.


Day 176 and sadness

Today was the last day of my Wham!Print!Pop! workshop, which I have been enjoying immensely. An evening art session is always a great way to unwind after work, and one in the Tate Modern is extra special, so it’s v.sad when it’s the final one, knowing that the remaining few hours will fly by.

But this is a sketching blog and whilst screen-printing is lots of fun, it’s not drawing. So here is a passenger from the later-than-normal train ride home, completed in grey bold pitt artist pen.


Day 169 and comfy sofas

I finished another sketchbook today, yay! And as I did absolutely no drawing whatsoever in tonight’s penultimate Wham!Print!Pop! workshop at the Tate Modern, I am including a pic of the comfy sofa from Leon earlier this evening.


On another note, I have booked myself two courses at the St Ives School of Painting (…just a bit of fun for a week away from work. I can’t wait!

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