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Y2D298 and strolls

The sun appeared in the afternoon, just in time for me to go to my ballet class. It’s a short stroll through the local park, with its tree-lined avenue, and makes for a lovely afternoon. Class was fun, though I am not sure how much I have learnt. But I will go next week, and try not to look quite so serious and/or terrified. And red.



Y2D277 and mix ups

Oh dear, it looks like I forgot to post the 1st July’s sketch. This is what happens when you don’t keep on top of things, so technically this image is Day 274 but post-wise it is going to be Day 277. Confused? I am.


Anyway, this is from a walk around the gardens along South Terrace in Adelaide. It is very leafy there so rather pleasant to stroll when it’s not raining. Now I think that should bring us all up to date, don’t you?

Y2D263 and walkies

My stepmom’s dog is very old and very slow, and very particular about his walking route. There are messages to read and patches of lawns to visit on our way to see the beach and back, and we always have to make a stop under this coast banksia.


Y2D258 and blurry wrens

I walked along the beach side track to the surf club and back today. On the way the little native fairy wrens were out and about: in the grasses, under the bushes, on the fence and creating a blur bathing in the puddles along the way. They are so cute but ever so fleeting; they certainly don’t like to pose.


Y2D241 and surf club

I’ve been walking longer  each time I go out on the beach. Now I am down past the surf club and back.That is about 8 markers each way so a little over an hour’s walk. There are always a few out and about when I am there, particularly around the club, where the surfers and paddle boarders like to play.


Y2D236 and wet feet

But wet feet in a good way,  I went for a walk along the beach in the morning sun and was enjoying the outgoing tide. There were quite a few people about, walking their dogs or generally having fun on the beach. There was a lot of seaweed floating in the outgoing tide, so I used my rubbish Samsung to get a few snaps for colour and shape purposes.


Y2D234 and tidal views

Today we walked from the surf club along the tracks to Barwon Heads to have a coffee in the kiosk. It’s a lovely and easy walk, and we did detour along the beach for a little while. Once at the kiosk, I sat at the top by the jetty and sketched the boats and view of Ocean Grove stretching down the coast. Then on the way back I attempted to draw some of the surfers that were out catching waves on the incoming tide. It was a lovely afternoon.


Y2D218 and residents

This is from a walk my step-mum and I took around a small lake park/reserve. There was a geat deal of waterfowl, including these ducks who so helpfully posed for the camera.


You’ll have to forgive the photos for a while, I’m trying out my new samsung mobile but the quality is not as good as my old sony mobile.

Y2D216 and by the seaside

I actually went for two separate walks along the beach yesterday, one in the beautiful early morn and the other in the wet afternoon. Obviously, dry and calm is much better for photography, though not quite so dramatic in terms of wave height.

Y2D175 and Milano

So here is an v.early morning street scene sketch of Milan, while I was waiting for my cousin and her friend to travel up from their university accommodation on the tram. We all went to Torino by train today. It was absolutely beautiful sunny weather but unfortunately all the museums were closed. Not to matter, we walked around the city admiring the architecture and trying the chocolate shops. Now I am v.tired and rather burnt! Back to London tomorrow….


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