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Y2D169 and waiting rooms

Poor hyacinths have been cut down in their prime in my chiropractor’s waiting room. Apparently the scent was a little contentious.



Y2D155 and speedy TV

Just practising with some quick sketches while watching TV. Though it is frustrating having to wait for all those long close-ups to finish, so I can get the full length body poses….


Y2D73 and hoydenish

Meet Princess Sophia, Electress of Hanover, aged 17. This saucy little minx kept me company at the National Portrait Gallery whilst I waited for a friend to finish work so we could have a Christmas dinner (but minus the pudding,  brussels sprouts, turkey….okay, we just went for dinner and it was Christmas time….ish).

Back to Sophia. I’m not sure about what she was like in real life, but as busts go, she is the one in the gallery who looks like she would know a good time when she found it. I think I’ll have what she’s having.


Y2D72 and street furniture

Today I had a little wait before meeting my friend; we were going to see Ben Miller in “The Duck House”, which we thoroughly recommend by the way. As said friend was a little late (thank you Transport for London) and it was cold, I sat drawing the lamps, railings and windows from a local coffee shop window.  Always practicing those lines. Do they look straighter to you?



Y2D58 and notating life

Being easily distracted, I quite often see things that I think would make a good abstract painting and then have to notate said ideas as quickly as possible before I forget. Sometimes it is obvious things like a sunrise or light on water, but mostly it is weird things, like colour and line on the opposite platform’s camera monitors when I’m awaiting my train home.


Y2D53 and undefined

More waiting, only just a little for a friend at the Tate Modern where we agreed to meet. I went up to the Energy and Process galleries on the fourth floor, hoping it would be less busy (no such luck) and managed a few pages before my friend joined me for a wander to see what was new. I particularly liked this piece by Chen Zehn called Cocon du Vide. There is something about the piece that I can’t quite put my finger on, an undefined quality that attracts me to it. Still it’s nice to know that I am not a lost cause to all contemporary artworks.



Y2D51 and Elizabethans

Today I saw the Elizabeth I and Her People at the National Portrait Gallery, whilst I was waiting for a friend to finish work. It was very good, with many beautifully painted portraits and gorgeous personal objects to study. I really love the costumes from that period – not the style mind, but the intricate patterns and lush textures on the fabrics that they used. Simply beautiful.

Afterwards I went upstairs to sketch in the Tudor galleries to pass a little more time. I find the different ways people try to remember those who have died fascinating. And if you’re someone with money you can have all sort of objects created to immortalise that person. Death masks and effigies such as this one for Elizabeth of York being  examples, though this is an 1870s electrotype copy of the original.


Y2D42 and not quite big enough

The back windows of some flats overlook the bus station, and having just missed one bus I had a full ten minutes to observe a young fella try to open the window and let some air in. Problem was, he was just not quite big enough, and had to resort to the elder sibling in the end.


Y2D21 and loitering

Another memory sketch, from another bus journey home. This youngster was loitering by some shops, bored and waiting for nearby dad to finish his conversation. Know that feeling….


Day 359 and in the night garden

Waiting for the esteemed sibling at his local for a catch up. I’m early so spend some time in the little square out the front sketching the views by lamp-light. Always fun when you can’t quite see what you are doing….


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