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Y2D259 and all the right angles

I may have mentioned before that the neighbours’ house is quite modern, lots of straight lines, angles and the like. There is also a little pergola area, that in the right position frames the trees across the street very well for a double page sketch.


Y2D234 and tidal views

Today we walked from the surf club along the tracks to Barwon Heads to have a coffee in the kiosk. It’s a lovely and easy walk, and we did detour along the beach for a little while. Once at the kiosk, I sat at the top by the jetty and sketched the boats and view of Ocean Grove stretching down the coast. Then on the way back I attempted to draw some of the surfers that were out catching waves on the incoming tide. It was a lovely afternoon.


Y2D206 and last port

Thursday found the ship in Nawiliwili on Kauai for our last (overnight) stop on this cruise. I hadn’t any shore trips planned so had a lazy morning, with pilates and hula classes, then took the trolley bus for some more souvenir shopping. My side of the ship has a beautiful view of the old sugar plant so we’re using the other side for today’s drawing pleasure.


Y2D204 and getting high

I was very excited about Tuesday’s sightseeing trip – we drove to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island to visit the observatories up there. This is over 13,000ft high so we needed to spend a little time building up those red blood cells at 9,000ft. It was certainly worth the view as we had a beautiful clear day above the clouds and could easily see Haleakala Crater on Maui. We also were able to see inside Keck I telescope, but unfortunately all the astronomers were asleep so it was not “switched on”. Afterwards we stopped by a lava tube park for lunch and also had a quick visit to the Liliuokalani Gardens to stretch our legs. It was a great day, and big thank you to Ikaika for being such a fantastic guide. This is a quick sketch of the mountain ridge from our 9,000ft stop.


Y2D199 and from up high

Today was spent touring Vancouver in a mini sight-seeing bus. We had a small group so managed to spend a little longer at all the stops. There were totem poles, lighthouses, bridges, observation decks and lots of rain. Not really many sketching opportunities though lots of photography (I was playing with the pin-hole setting on my camera), so this view is from my hotel room on the 9th floor.


Y2D191 and gotcha

So, I have been seeing this view for the past two weeks and I have finally attempted to capture it in pen. There is a lot of artistic licence going on here.


Day 328 and rear window

My bedroom window overlooks the back garden. Since I added the conservatory, this is mostly my view now. Plus the shed, gate and miniature plum tree.


Day 300 and street views

It’s probably about time I turned my attention to the street out front. Most nights the view from the window is of a white van. How uninteresting, and if you don’t believe me….


Day 160 and view points

A mini challenge today, attempting to draw on all forms of public transport…I managed three: train, bus and DLR. Too embarrassed to draw on the tube as usual, and no chance of catching a ferry. I tried to do vistas today, rather than faces or body parts. Something a little different from the norm.


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