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Y2D210 and penultimates

Today was my penultimate day in Hawaii, and penultimate day on this long trip home. I took a tour and visited Pearl Harbour to see the USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial. I found out much more from that period in history, and (of course) met more Australians. The memorial is very comprehensive and in an active military base, so it was a little surprising to see this ship flying the Canadian colours.


Y2D209 and keeping a distance

I can see the ocean from my 20th floor lanai, but I can’t see details…with or without my glasses.


It’s meant to be a family playing in the water but, well, you know….distance and all that.

Y2D208 and flat batteries

I’m writing this on Sunday morning (where I should be getting ready and going to breakfast) as I was just too pooped to do this last night. I left my cruise friends early (about 21:30) and came back to my room, had a bath and then fell asleep on the bed, laptop on and TV blaring.

Anyhow, yesterday I went to the Honolulu Museum of Art, a gallery established by Anna Rice Cooke as an institution to showcase and nurture artistic identity on the islands, it has a large and well represented collection. There are also several temporary exhibition (my favourite being the ‘Remaining Remnants’ in the textile gallery), and plenty of opportunities to sketch (“Yes, of course you can sketch in the museum”). All in all, a very easy and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.


Now, I have a couple more days in Waikiki to go before I fly onto Melbourne and need to get my new life sorted out – let’s hope the batteries last until then. It’s raining at the moment, so that may curb my sightseeing inclinations and may encourage restful vacation…but not likely.

Y2D207 and making the most of it

Well, I certainly didn’t make the most of my time in Kauai, but my new cruising friend and I definitely made the most of our time on the ship today, going to wine tastings, quizzes and shopping. But today is the last full day on the Pride of America, so that meant lots of good byes, packing and final cocktails. Plus getting photos of the towel menageries that the stewards like to leave around, not that I can draw them very well in my current (‘happy’) state.


So that now brings me up to date. I suppose I will have to leave the comfort of my hotel and go for a visit somewhere. Probably an art gallery, I haven’t been in one for over a week now!


Y2D193 and epic

Hey, I’m back in the blogosphere so here is me catching up on the past five days’ worth of posts….

Today (Friday) I flew from Tennessee to Toronto on two small regional flights. It was fun though we were delayed on the first one as there was too much traffic at Charlotte airport. Luckily my flight out of Charlotte was from the same terminal and so there was no running about like headless chooks. On arrival at Toronto there was more waiting to be picked up by my town car and be delivered to the very swanky Fairmont Royal York hotel. I was feeling more a little fragile by the time I arrived at the hotel but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a warm bath and delicious dinner in their bar/restaurant, named Epic. This is the view from my table across the bar to the foyer and the large grandfatherly clock that is in the centre.


Y2D192 and scampering

We went out for cocktails and dinner, so by the time we walked home the cats were most insistent on second dinner. That also means there is much scampering after second dinner as the sudden calorie intake goes to their head. That wears off pretty quick when they realise there are three laps to be had.


Y2D191 and gotcha

So, I have been seeing this view for the past two weeks and I have finally attempted to capture it in pen. There is a lot of artistic licence going on here.


Y2D188 and news flash

My friend, her father and I drove into town to watch the steam train excursion (operated by Norfolk Southern Corp, Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum and Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum) as it passed on its way from Bristol to Bull’s Gap. While we were there I noticed the local reporter arrive for (what I assume is) a human interest story and then leave when the train did, but didn’t think much of it – too busy taking photos. However, the reporter came back when we were one of the last people to leave the car park. He asked me if I minded answering a few questions but I quickly directed him to my friend and her dad, being locals they would be better equipped to answer questions. Plus I could then sketch the interview and I have not drawn people from life for ages….


Long story short, my friend’s dad made it onto the evening news. You can read the story here.

Y2D187 and mini road trip

Today (that is, Saturday) we drove a few hours across Tennessee to have fun at Dollywood, a theme park owned (as the name suggests) by Dolly Parton. We had great fun in the sun trying new rides, watching shows from the Festival of Nations and going on the park’s steam train. On the way to Dollywood you often see farms that have these red barns and silver silos. I like the architecture of them, whether they are approaching ruin or beautifully maintained.


Y2D183 and afternoon delights

I fully intended to post a drawing from Milligan College, where we went for the Leaders in Christian Service convocation, as my friend’s husband was one of the those being honoured. With all best laid plans, now you have another pikkie of kitties. They were so cute in the afternoon sunshine by the door, and Cap’n Jack was especially good at modelling today.


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