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Y2D232 and TV upgrade

The internet and T-Box has been put in the house now so I can get back to TV sketching again.


Y2D188 and news flash

My friend, her father and I drove into town to watch the steam train excursion (operated by Norfolk Southern Corp, Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum and Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum) as it passed on its way from Bristol to Bull’s Gap. While we were there I noticed the local reporter arrive for (what I assume is) a human interest story and then leave when the train did, but didn’t think much of it – too busy taking photos. However, the reporter came back when we were one of the last people to leave the car park. He asked me if I minded answering a few questions but I quickly directed him to my friend and her dad, being locals they would be better equipped to answer questions. Plus I could then sketch the interview and I have not drawn people from life for ages….


Long story short, my friend’s dad made it onto the evening news. You can read the story here.

Y2D161 and sinister, of sorts

Just a little portrait practice, thanks to Netflix and Grimm…


Y2D155 and speedy TV

Just practising with some quick sketches while watching TV. Though it is frustrating having to wait for all those long close-ups to finish, so I can get the full length body poses….


Y2D154 and packing

Well, I should be packing though to be honest there was much more slacking today, and spending time booking flights…


Y2D149 and patterns

Today was pattern day on the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee (Series 2). And there were some beauties being chosen, as well as busy bees working diligently with them.


Y2D139 and procrastination

I really need to get myself organised from my big move so I spent Sunday lunching with family and watching netflix. Very productive.


Y2D130 and nearly the end

Oh dear, I have fallen behind in posting my drawings. I just hadn’t the energy to write something. This is just TV sketching from an episode near to the end of another series I have been watching.


Y2D129 and seriously

I thought about going to the NPG to sketch after work but this persistent dog bark and the lousy weather put me off, so it’s  serious line drawings whilst watching rather serious movies on my not so serious laptop.


Y2D125 and get on with it

More tv sketching whilst I am confining myself to the house this weekend. I am going a little stir crazy.


And I’d like to point out to the universe that I am so over being ill now, it’s really messing up with my getting on with life bit, which I really would like to…well..get on with.

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