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Y2D270 and gusty

Strong winds continue and look to for the forseeable future but we had a brief respite today when the pater and I helped out at the local Railway club. I say helped, the pater did the work and I was pretty much a spare wheel, but the intention was there. Anyway, here is a super quick sketch to end out the day.


Y2D269 and new baby

I picked up my new baby today, that I christened by driving up to Hamilton. Of course I was paranoid the whole time about another driver scratching the car and was extra-cautious when parking, though I do now get to sit and draw in comfort while I wait.



Y2D263 and walkies

My stepmom’s dog is very old and very slow, and very particular about his walking route. There are messages to read and patches of lawns to visit on our way to see the beach and back, and we always have to make a stop under this coast banksia.


Y2D259 and all the right angles

I may have mentioned before that the neighbours’ house is quite modern, lots of straight lines, angles and the like. There is also a little pergola area, that in the right position frames the trees across the street very well for a double page sketch.


Y2D250 and the natives

Lots of gum trees about, when I’m driving I don’t get the chance to draw them but there is always a reference photo to use later for inspiration.


Y2D244 and country driving

We’re on the move, up to Hamilton for a few days, so I drove the little car through the very pretty Victorian countryside. That means I can’t take any photos so have to rely on my somewhat dubious memory for what I saw. But we did see cattle…and trees, though maybe not precisely with giant black outlines.


Y2D93 and ambitions

I can’t be doing resolutions; why set yourself up for failure? Instead, I am going to have New Year’s Ambitions. Mine are simple:  1. draw more, 2. do things that scare me, 3. be happy, though not necessarily in that order. Draw more is an easy one, today I completed six pages in sketchbook, including this one of bare trees from Greenwich Park.


Day 328 and rear window

My bedroom window overlooks the back garden. Since I added the conservatory, this is mostly my view now. Plus the shed, gate and miniature plum tree.


Day 307 and surprises

Just when you think you know a place, it manages to surprise you. I found a lake in Greenwich Park today, that I never knew was there, having always walked different routes. I sat in the twilight at an intersection of paths, so that I had lots of drawing opportunities, such as this leafy path.


Day 209 and Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Today was my first day of the 4-week “From Watercolour to Etching” workshop at the City Lit. Naturally I was by far too early, but it gave me time to have a coffee and sketch a couple of pages. Today was mostly about making test plates so we understand the ways of making painterly marks with etching. It was lots of fun. During lunch I popped across King’s Way to Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is a lovely green space in London. So relaxed on a weekend. I love the old trees in the park, they are so interesting to draw and I could spend hours there, instead of just 20mins.


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