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Day 80 and visiting

It was a full day of activity with my WSS (wicked step sister), BIL and exuberant nephews, nearly forgot to do some drawing but luckily a new environment provides new inspiration, even if it is only book shelves.



Day 79 and home

Ahh, home of my heart, I feel so glad to be back. Don’t get me wrong, England is great, and it has provided me with a job and the ability to travel easily but my heart will always be in Australia. That is my home, and seeing the paddocks spread out as we fly over is just wonderful.


Day 78 and cattle class

I’m currently on my big trip, home for Christmas and the New Year so as my lovely followers will notice, the posts will be coming in spurts whilst I will still be drawing each day. This is from my first flight leg, flying in the new Singapore A380s. I can only afford to go economy, but it is still pretty good.


Day 41 and Fernweh

I learnt a new word today that sums up what I feel most of the time…Fernweh, a German word meaning the longing to travel…wanderlust, if you like…and I always want to travel.

It’s the title one of artwork by Tacita Dean that was in the “Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present”, where she images a landscape using found photographs and inscribed with quotes by Goethe. I really enjoyed this exhibition at the National Gallery. The space is quite dark and intimate, the walls are a dark chocolate-brown and the lighting low, with spot lights for the artwork, paintings and photography old and new. It was not particularly crowded so I found space to sketch the vistas that appeared as you moved from room to room.

This is looking towards my favourite room and a beautiful photograph by Richard Billingham called “Storm at Sea”.

“Fernweh” was also in this room but around the corner. It filled one wall.

After this short visit to the NG, I wandered down to the Courtauld to the see the Peter Lely exhibition. Then, when I finished there, I wandered down to Cannon Street Station via a spot of photography at the Lord Mayor’s Parade, so much travelling today for me, if only on foot.

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