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Y2D279 and daft

Driving across the south parts of Australia you past many sheet and cattle properties. The steers are generally quiet features in the landscape but the sheep can be rather distracting with their antics such as playing chasey around a tree or the ewe who has grown wings as she is now feeding twins. They are rather daft, but funny clouds with legs.



Y2D268 and separate ways

This will be last Peppi drawing for a while, as I shall be off to Adelaide on a flat-finding mission. I’m fairly certain he won’t even notice I’m not there.


Y2D237 and footy run

Sunday is sports day and we went to see my nephews play in their respective AFL matches. It was a good excuse to be in the fresh air, eat pies and catch up with family. It is also an hour and a half away, so plenty of driving through rural Victoria and watching the countryside go past.


Y2D177 and kitties

Made it to the USA, and my friend very kindly completed the trek to collect me from Charlotte. So tonight (ie Wednesday and not Friday as I am writing this), I spent time sketching all the kitties in the house. This is Juno taking a nap on her mum’s arm rest.


Y2D176 and delays

My flight back to London was delayed this morning by an hour and a quarter, so it put my whole afternoon was out of kilter. Still, it gave me plenty of time to sketch the furniture in the business lounge while I waited. Or at least until the lounge started filling up with other passengers.


Y2D172 and twilight walks

So have packed (my surprisingly light) bags and landed in Milan in the late afternoon. Too tired and too late to do anything more than a stroll in the very pleasant evening light taking photographs of all the public art I see, be it sculptural, architectural or monumental like our equine friend here in the Piazza Missori.


Day 324 and odd one out

Spent half the day travelling back to London, and I had not spent as much time sketching in Austria’s beautiful capital as I had hoped. A bit to hot and bothered.  On the way back to London, I upgraded to business class as it was fairly cheap and I figured cattle…er…economy class was going to be full. It was, though I was definitely the odd one out in my casuals amongst all the suits at the front. And not that it helped at customs though, and I arrived home too tired and too late for much at all other than the a little TV sketching.


Day 319 and bears

Of the Paddington variety. Had a little time to pass while waiting for my traveling companions so I hid up by Patisserie Valerie and sketched fellow travelers below as they waited for their connections.


Day 237 and catching up

I’ve a week off work so have ventured down to St Ives in Cornwall for some more artistic short courses at the St Ives School of Painting. It’s a pleasant, picturesque but rather long journey and I had plenty of time to sketch fellow passengers and the passing scenery. In fact I nearly caught up on my “backlog” of pages (ie four per day). After arriving in St Ives in the early afternoon and checking into my hotel, I wandered into town for a late lunch/early dinner (or lunner, as I like to call it) at one of my favourite foodie spots when I am down here. I accomplished several more pages whilst waiting for my food, mostly of the children paddling in the harbour beach.

After a refresh back at the hotel, I stuck my head in at the Lucie Bray/Sarah Purvey private view at the New Craftsman Gallery. Interesting work, but like all parties, too many people in too small a place for my liking. I like a bit of space so I can enjoy the art. On the way back to the hotel, third time up that dreaded hill (I am going to be well fit by the end of this stay) I stopped off at the little park above the train station to do a little more sketching and enjoy the twilight. All in all, a good day.

So here is a drawing from each part of my day…you know…as proof.


Day 102 and still waiting

More sketching from Changi airport, this time nearer to my flight time of 09:00. Changi airport is not bad, but I would not recommend hanging around for nine hours if you don’t have to. At least there is much flora (orchids and palms) to make a change from sketching people.


I arrived back in London at 15:15 local time (31 hours traveling), and in my house at 17:30, so quickly unpacked and into bed for 12 hours sleep. Now I promise not to post any more until tonight, to give you all a rest!

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