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Y2D307 and more research

For a course that is only two evenings a week, I seem to spend seven days researching, either reading, being in the library or studying the paintings in the gallery….I don’t know how my fellow students manage part-time or full-time jobs as well.


Y2D296 and time capsules

Of course with all this unpacking, you come across things you forgot you had…the boxes become little time capsules. So you stop to investigate the object and memory, being it a book, photo or ornament.


Y2D261 and run away

I really need to sketch in the day more, but time just seems to run away from me and now the carriage clock is making me feel guilty that I haven’t done more.


Y2D214 and drinkies

Being around other people means I spend more time with them rather than doing my sketchbook. Naughty me, so I only have time for quick drawing of my bedside table and the forgotten bottle of soft drink.


Y2D158 and to do lists

I think we have a time-task problem….


Day 332 and sketching time

For most people, catching public transport is a time to read books, magazines or kindles, or catch up on tv shows and movies. For me it’s a time to daydream, think and, more importantly, draw my captive audience.


Day 173 and slipping away

Hmm, another late post. Time always seems to slip away from me and at the end of the day I am scrabbling for something to draw. Then, of course, nothing I do seems right or post-worthy. So this is coming to you later than it ought, having only just been drawn in the nick of time last night…


It’s from an old photo of the pater, though who puts a shirt and tie on a two-year-old I do not know…oh yes, of course, my grandparents.

Day 156 and chapeaux

I hate waiting. Well, that is not entirely true. I don’t mind waiting if it is time that I’ve anticipated, I don’t like it when it’s unexpected hanging around. Particularly if I have nothing to occupy myself with in the interim. Luckily I now always have my trusty sketchbook to relieve the boredom, such as today when I was waiting to meet some people. Just as well there was a nearby coffee shop to ensconced myself and draw passers-by, fellow caffeine drinkers, belongings and so on, and so forth. Like this rather stylish hat.


Day 154 and cleaning

Ugh, I hate cleaning the house. It means I have less time for more important things, like drawing.


Only a little time to do some flora practice with a few freesias.

Day 139 and cups

Spent today catching up on chores and work for the Bro. Doesn’t leave much drawing time so it’s the pretty tea cups on display in the lounge, in a variety of styles…. detailed, loose and negative space….none of which are particularly good.


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