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Y2D167 and walkies

We had a pub lunch today so I thought I would go for a little walk to work it off. You know, just to see what was down the other side of esteemed sibling’s apartment building. Well, little walk turned into a 12km ramble as I ended up by the beautiful Victorian Crossness Pumping Station at Belvedere. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day with a pleasant breeze coming off the river, and a few sketching opportunities along the way, such as this container ship being loaded on the opposite bank of the Thames.


Y2D166 and enjoying sunshine

Esteemed sibling and I went into town today to meet our aunt for lunch at the National Gallery. We took the boat in to Embankment, which is a lovely way to travel into London when it’s sunny – the Thames looks all sparkly and everyone seem that little bit happier. After lunch, Aunt and I had a mooch around the gallery, seeing new aquisitions and trying to figure out what some artists wanted to say. Then on the way back to the apartment, I walked along the Thames path (not all the way from London) in the twilight, just enjoying the evening air.


Y2D106 and more play

I haven’t played with my watercolours for ages. I use the rubbish tube ones for sketchbooks and working out ideas, and then my good pans for finished pieces. This is obviously rubbish (tubes) and sketchbook (ideas), but the colours are too vivid for what I want to do. More playing then, I suppose.



Y2D92 and twinkling

I was rather early this morning, on the way to work, and with the heavy overnight cloud it was still v.dark and the lights look so pretty as they twinkled over the Thames.


I would like to thank all my followers for their company during 2013 and hope they have a fabulous New Year’s Eve, wherever you may be, and all your dreams come true in 2014. May it be a creative year for you.


Y2D63 and little man

My godson is visiting for a couple of days with his pater, so I’ve taken the time off work to spend some quality time spoiling him rotten. Today we caught buses around central London and boats along the Thames for lots of photo opportunities.


Y2D3 and preparations

When ever I turn my attention to something new, it turns into a kind of obsession….lots of preparatory drawings, photos, thoughts and doodling. Sometimes it leads to nothing, some times it takes several years for the right path to emerge, then it is idea generation until I am happy to start the final painting or print. One current obsession is the Thames Barrier, and I may have just the right idea for it now. It’s not this.


Day 179 and in the dark

I had a half day today, so a slightly longer Easter weekend for me (yay!) and what better way to spend those illicit hours than sketching in an exhibition?

After a bracing walk along the Thames to the Tate Britain, I went to see the Schwitters in Britain exhibition which was rather overwhelming. So much to see and absorb, you can hardly do so in one visit. I managed a few pages of analysis, one being spent in the dark distilling the slides examining the Merz Barn that was in the Lakes District. Day179

What do you see in the layers?


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