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Y2D152 and gallery days

I took time out from my busy schedule of slacking to go and see a few exhibitions in town today. First up was “Paul Klee: Making Visible” at the Tate Modern followed by the “Court and Craft” and “A Dialogue with Nature” at the Courtauld Gallery, where I did this spread.


I like Gainsborough’s drawings, he has a lovely way with pen and ink. Samuel Palmer’s drawings from the early 1800s are a mixed media delight. I’m so used to drawings of that period being one, maybe two media, but these look more like something John Piper produced. Fabulous.

Y2D53 and undefined

More waiting, only just a little for a friend at the Tate Modern where we agreed to meet. I went up to the Energy and Process galleries on the fourth floor, hoping it would be less busy (no such luck) and managed a few pages before my friend joined me for a wander to see what was new. I particularly liked this piece by Chen Zehn called Cocon du Vide. There is something about the piece that I can’t quite put my finger on, an undefined quality that attracts me to it. Still it’s nice to know that I am not a lost cause to all contemporary artworks.



Day 176 and sadness

Today was the last day of my Wham!Print!Pop! workshop, which I have been enjoying immensely. An evening art session is always a great way to unwind after work, and one in the Tate Modern is extra special, so it’s v.sad when it’s the final one, knowing that the remaining few hours will fly by.

But this is a sketching blog and whilst screen-printing is lots of fun, it’s not drawing. So here is a passenger from the later-than-normal train ride home, completed in grey bold pitt artist pen.


Day 169 and comfy sofas

I finished another sketchbook today, yay! And as I did absolutely no drawing whatsoever in tonight’s penultimate Wham!Print!Pop! workshop at the Tate Modern, I am including a pic of the comfy sofa from Leon earlier this evening.


On another note, I have booked myself two courses at the St Ives School of Painting (…just a bit of fun for a week away from work. I can’t wait!

Day 162 and graphic lines

Another Monday and another Wham!Print!Pop! workshop. Yay! It is the best and worst thing about Monday…best, as I love doing the workshop, and worst, as I am so sad when it’s over. Today we focussed on the graphic line: we had another visit the Lichtenstein exhibition, followed by some 1940s art school exercises that Lichtenstein would have completed, so I am displaying a few pages from that. It was fun, and I can understand why they would have taught that way…I don’t think there is enough emphasis on technical skills in art schools these days, it appears to be overly concerned about concepts so some of these techniques may become lost. Still, we enjoyed completing them tonight.


Day 155 and drawing with scissors

Week two of the Wham! Print! Pop! workshop at the Tate Modern. Today we created collages by drawing with scissors. All pens and pencils were banned. Needless to say mine looked like a dog’s dinner. We also did a little stencilling with a dot screen. This time drawing with scalpel. Lots of fun, just don’t tell H&S. My stencils worked out fine, I was worried they would be a little to complex but they were fine to use. Back to [graphic] lines next week.


Day 148 and pop!

Today was the first of five screen printing workshops based around the current Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern. It was great fun, with lovely fellow attendees and an energetic tutor. We even managed to have a quick wander around the exhibition before we concentrated on making our ben-day dots for next weeks lesson. I’m sure next week cannot come soon enough.

Whilst I was waiting for it to start, I had an early dinner at Leon. I tried to do some sketches of my coffee cup, with little success. I had hoped to create some graphic shapes, in case we needed them for the lesson, but I just cannot seem to get the curve right on the cup. Would you believe this is my sixth attempt?


Day 50 and workshops

Last “Gallery as Studio” workshop today at the Tate Modern, which is very sad as each session was the highlight of my week. Not only did our lovely artist-tutors, Michèle Fuirer and Marianne Holm Hansen managed to drag me kicking and screaming away from representational drawing, I also had the benefit of drawing after hours in the wonderful Tate Modern with a very pleasant, supportive group of fellow students.

I think, if anything, Michèle and Marianne were trying to get us to be more personal in our drawing – more considered about the marks we were making in response to outside stimuli and trying to steer usaway from a purely representational, and therefore remote, depiction of the source to create something that is a more intimate and perhaps will be more though-provoking to the end viewer. This type of drawing is especially difficult for me, not just because I am more comfortable with representational drawing, but also because I value draftsmanship so highly so obtain satisfaction when others understand exactly what the artwork is about.

What is next? I don’t know, but I would like to do more, similar workshops. I need that push outside my comfort zone, and I enjoy working in the gallery spaces without the daily crowds around you. I hope the Tate will put more on soon.

Day 43 and simplification

The penultimate Gallery as Studio session at the Tate Modern today, which was all about “drawing out ideas” using negative space, simplified lines, collages and analysis. The idea is to create a minimalist “conversation” with the artwork.

As soon as they start talking about conversations, my brain freezes…I have no idea what they mean by that. Give me a set of instructions and I am happy, tell me to go off and have a dialogue with some art and I think you are from another planet.

I know that I am going to these workshops to get me out of my comfort zone…I just wasn’t aware of how much kicking and screaming would be accompanied by it.

Day 29 and fragmentation

Back from my third of the Tate Modern’s Gallery as Studio drawing workshops. I’m starting to enjoy them more now, I don’t know if it is because it is becoming more familiar to me, or if the course is starting to settle into a routine. Today’s was the best so far. Lots of drawing exercises, with not so much discussion. I’m not a big fan of discussion, unless its one-to-one, as until I know and am comfortable with all members of the group, I don’t like volunteering my opinion. Obviously, once I’m comfortable with your company, you can’t shut me up, but I rarely feel that comfortable in a group exercise.

I digress. I primarily liked today’s workshop as we were busy with back-to-back exercises and I didn’t have time to think (or rather over-think) what I was doing. It’s the only way for me.

We were concerned with taking parts and creating a new whole out of said parts: be it drawing only a quarter of a continuous line drawing; or creating a story board of images using one segment of a modern surrealist film as a starting point; to even creating a new story with other people’s imagery. Everything was a fragment of something else. Plus I got to use charcoal, which I love. It was pretty good.

I’m disappointed I’ll miss the next one but I’ve booked myself in for the last two.

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