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Y2D305 and sea calling

It was a lovely day, full of warmth and sunshine, so I walked to the beach and jetty to do some sketching and enjoy the sand on my toes.


I did get a little frustrated with my people…I haven’t sketched figures properly for quite a while and have really become out of practice.

Y2D280 and morning glory

My baby had her first service today so I spent a pleasant couple of hours by the Geelong waterfront, enjoying the glorious winter sunshine and sketching all that I could see,  such as the playful little pied cormorants and the bobbing yachts. It was almost a shame to have to collect my car again…almost, but not quite.


Y2D183 and afternoon delights

I fully intended to post a drawing from Milligan College, where we went for the Leaders in Christian Service convocation, as my friend’s husband was one of the those being honoured. With all best laid plans, now you have another pikkie of kitties. They were so cute in the afternoon sunshine by the door, and Cap’n Jack was especially good at modelling today.


Y2D182 and no visitors

On the bird feeder at least. Inside the house is another matter as my friend’s family is up to visit – it’s lovely to see them all again.


Today has been surprisingly mild, and we went for a walk in the Spring sunshine. Feels like a holiday now. 🙂

Y2D166 and enjoying sunshine

Esteemed sibling and I went into town today to meet our aunt for lunch at the National Gallery. We took the boat in to Embankment, which is a lovely way to travel into London when it’s sunny – the Thames looks all sparkly and everyone seem that little bit happier. After lunch, Aunt and I had a mooch around the gallery, seeing new aquisitions and trying to figure out what some artists wanted to say. Then on the way back to the apartment, I walked along the Thames path (not all the way from London) in the twilight, just enjoying the evening air.


Y2D145 and me time

Today is all about me. First I had an extra long massage (last one though!), followed a walk through London sunshine to see the “Hockney Printmaker” exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Tonight will be dinner with esteemed siblings and neighbours. Right now is just vegetating….I need my strength for tonight!


This is as much as my printer will scan of my square sketchbook. Studies from the DPG: Sir Joshua Reynolds “Girl with a Baby” and a partial Aelbert Cuyp “Herdsmen and their Cows”.

Day 240 and sunshine resumes

We were all very happy in class today, we had our sunshine back so we could spend the morning drawing outdoors. It was still blowing a gale, mind, and not the warmest (said the girl with a singlet, short and long sleeve t-shirts, fleece and windbreaker on). I took some ink from college, plus all my other usual toys and sat with my fellow classmates, gossiping and sketching. In the afternoon we were back in the studios creating our “final” piece of which mine consisted of using every available medium found in the studio on one page. It’s nothing to write home about. But here are a few pages from this morning, one in sepia pastel pencil and one in “purple” ink.


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