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Y2D298 and strolls

The sun appeared in the afternoon, just in time for me to go to my ballet class. It’s a short stroll through the local park, with its tree-lined avenue, and makes for a lovely afternoon. Class was fun, though I am not sure how much I have learnt. But I will go next week, and try not to look quite so serious and/or terrified. And red.



Y2D282 and sunnier climes

Need to record what winter sun looks like, in case this is the last of it for the year. Hopefully we have a few more days left…


Y2D275 and sunshine resumes

Methinks the worst of the bad weather has gone, as sunshine was the order of the day today. Adelaide looks very pretty when it is sunny, especially when you see the dappled light on the columns of the Art Gallery mirroring the light on the beautiful gum trees outside. Of course I had to stop and draw it.


I went back to the gallery today to spent some time in the two temporary exhibitions that are currently being displayed: ‘Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces’ and ‘The World of Mortimer Menpes’. They were very well presented, with much to see, though I admit my preference is for the modernism of Dorrit Black’s work even though I am a printmaker at heart (sorry Mortimer!). I did amuse myself by reading the titles/descriptions and seeing how I inadvertently followed in the footsteps of artists, but to be honest, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…

Y2D205 and stud farms

Wednesday was a visit to the seahorse ‘farm’ near Kilau-Kona on the Big Island. This organisation is about raising seashorses in capitivity so that they can improve stocks in the wild. It was all very interesting and I did learn a lot. Afterwards I was dropped off at Hilo Hatties for my first proper souvenir jaunt. It was a beautiful, sunny day but the sun was too strong for me (this was the middle of the day) so I escaped back to the cool (and champers) of my balcony.


Y2D200 and a Good Friday

Yesterday we saw a couple of eagle’s nests on our tour of Vancouver, but was a little mystified as to why they would set up residence in a city. Apparently it so they can sit on the light posts and pose for tourists when the sun comes out, as it did today (Friday). This was no ordinary posing either – this bird was there for at least half an hour, turning this way and that, showing off his (or her) best side. Though I had great difficulty in making my drawings look like an eagle, and not the lovechild of a parrot and an owl.
All in all, Vancouver in the rain is charming enough, but when the sun comes out it is quite lovely – what a good Friday for touristing. But be warned,  I could very easily live here….

Y2D196 and farm fresh

We crossed the border into Manitoba and then Saskatchewan. Both are relatively flat and full of farms growing various grain crops, but always with a few trees on the side. It was a much better day weather-wise, being rather sunny, though I was not getting out at Winnipeg – -7C is by far too cold for me. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we stop at Edmonton then Jasper.


I don’t often do a spread in my sketchbook, but the land is so immense, you need all the space you can get.

Y2D175 and Milano

So here is an v.early morning street scene sketch of Milan, while I was waiting for my cousin and her friend to travel up from their university accommodation on the tram. We all went to Torino by train today. It was absolutely beautiful sunny weather but unfortunately all the museums were closed. Not to matter, we walked around the city admiring the architecture and trying the chocolate shops. Now I am v.tired and rather burnt! Back to London tomorrow….


Y2D89 and residents

Another walk along the commons, while there is sun about, but mostly just to get out the house. Stopped off at the ponds again, this time with my sketchbook. The duck house is proving difficult, but these local residents, almost fully grown moorhen chicks, were slightly easier to put down on paper. Except the top one, who was trying to escape to the other side on the pond, speedy little blighter.


Y2D87 and proper Londoner

Another walk around the commons, where I found this pond glinting in the afternoon sun. The commons run along a ridge that courses through south London, so there are flat areas and ravines such as the one these ponds are nestled in. I believe they were originally formed in the ice age, and the area has been settled since the Bronze Age. Proper Londoners then.


Day 249 and opportunists

Decided to go second-hand book shopping today and catch the bus home. I just missed the bus so had plenty of time to draw whilst awaiting the next one. A couple of lasses had made the most of the warm(ish) evening and were using the junk shop’s display chairs for their little sun trap. I don’t think the owner minded having freebie models demonstrating his furniture.


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