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Y2D307 and more research

For a course that is only two evenings a week, I seem to spend seven days researching, either reading, being in the library or studying the paintings in the gallery….I don’t know how my fellow students manage part-time or full-time jobs as well.


Y2D302 and student life

I spent most of today at university, picking up more readers, researching for projects, attending tutorials, signing up for the Student Union and generally becoming a proper tertiary scholar. It’s all a little bewildering and intrepid but mostly exciting and great fun. And I love that I can take study breaks next door in the gallery, sketching the displays such as the two Nicholas below (though technically one is a Nikolaus).


Y2D301 and study break

Today has been all about preparation for tomorrow’s class, which is on Australian Indigenous Art. This is something I naught about, so will be a steep learning curve. At the moment I am taking a break from all the readers to sketch one of the landscape photos from a textbook. It’s all relevant….


Y2D300 and bright eyes

First day of university for me, and I was up early. Not for classes mind, they don’t start until 4pm, but for the plumber who was coming around to fix my leaky kitchen pipes. I went into uni early anyway, to pick up my readers, investigate the library, and draw in the Gallery next door. Preparation for class, of course. 😉


Y2D274 and exploration

I had a spare hour between flat hunting and seeing my new professor, so I spent it at the Art Gallery of South Australia, which is next to my new university. I will be spending an immense amount of time here over the coming years, so I took my time to explore some rooms and study a few paintings. Though I was very surprised to hear that not many people ask about the sketching policy. Who doesn’t like sketching in a gallery?


Y2D267 and windy week

Another thing I thought I had left behind was the gale force winds but the southern coast of Australia seems to be suffering from their fair share this week. Today was particularly bad so I spent all day inside, pretending to study my textbook but really snuggling under the blankets and watching all the trees and plants bend to Mother Nature’s will.


Y2D254 and celebrations

Today I received my offer for the Graduate Diploma in Art History, so I will be studying at the University of Adelaide. Yay! Now I have a month to sort myself out before the hard work begins…



Y2D198 and new galleries

Now I’m in Vancouver for a few days, there are a whole host of (public and commercial) galleries to explore. This afternoon I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Lawren Harris exhibition and the Bill Reid Gallery just down the road for a bit of First Nation inspiration. Not so much drawing in my newest sketchbook today as dissecting the artworks on display. Tomorrow I fully intend to abuse the galleries on Granville Island, I just hope the weather dries up.


Y2D145 and me time

Today is all about me. First I had an extra long massage (last one though!), followed a walk through London sunshine to see the “Hockney Printmaker” exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Tonight will be dinner with esteemed siblings and neighbours. Right now is just vegetating….I need my strength for tonight!


This is as much as my printer will scan of my square sketchbook. Studies from the DPG: Sir Joshua Reynolds “Girl with a Baby” and a partial Aelbert Cuyp “Herdsmen and their Cows”.

Day 118 and Australia Day

In honour of this special day, here are a couple of colour studies, completed from a photo taken on my recent trip home. I think it’s only appropriate….


The first is in oil pastels and the second is a combination of water-soluble wax crayons and sepia marker pen.

On a secondary note, I have also enrolled in a Diploma of Children’s Book Illustration today, which is both exciting and scary. I dare say I will be blogging more about the course over the coming year.


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