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Y2D283 and digi-peppi

More trials and errors on the sketch app, this time with the perennially snoozing Peppi as the model.


Y2D281 and home again

Peppi is back from his big trip away and is showing his delight at being home by promptly going to sleep in front of the fire place.


Y2D257 and fireside

It was a fairly wet day so we spent it by the fire, the dog asleep and me reading my new textbook.


Y2D245 and take five

This trip is all about catching up with friends and family, so it’s always nice to take five and play on the computer, or in Peppi’s case, have a snooze.


Y2D240 and available resources

I don’t sketch throughout the day as much as I ought to, so I have to use all available resources late at night. Luckily for me, I have a sleepy model ready to pose at any time.


Y2D189 and quotation cats

Cap’n Jack and Juno were creating secret messages using punctuation while asleep today. So far they have written ” () !) “. We may need an enigma machine to help with deciphering the code…


Y2D181 and not finished yet

Here’s another sketch of Juno, sleeping her Sunday away. We had lazy-ish day today, but only a little drawing completed by me. Perhaps a little too lazy? Anyway, we are by no means done with the kitties yet.


And I miss my scanner. The colours come out all wrong on my camera phone. 😦

Day 283 and bubbas

It’s aww , until they wake up and then they are a squirming eating pooping machines, but until then we can still enjoy the quiet….or just take a photo. Yeah, maybe just a photo.



Day 187 and chasing rabbits

This is Sally, which means I am currently rusticating in Kent. Sally lives in a lovely cottage in a small village, but at two years old, she is a still very…enthusiastic…greeter and likes giving lots of  kisses. Luckily for me, Sally also likes to sleep so I get some time to sketch her. As I don’t have any pets, I avail myself to every opportunity to draw other people’s…for practice, of course.


Tomorrow we aim for Mottisfont, so hopefully so more sketching opportunities there.

Day 101 and on the road again

Last lazy day before I start the awful trip back to Blighty. The plane was late leaving Sydney with no explanations as to why, and it was packed – very much the cattle class. I had two young bucks next me on the Singapore leg, they must have been out for a few weeks of fun. So this is from when I first arrived in Singapore for the long layover at Changi Airport. Looks like it’s not just me with a few hours to kill.



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