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Y2D145 and me time

Today is all about me. First I had an extra long massage (last one though!), followed a walk through London sunshine to see the “Hockney Printmaker” exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Tonight will be dinner with esteemed siblings and neighbours. Right now is just vegetating….I need my strength for tonight!


This is as much as my printer will scan of my square sketchbook. Studies from the DPG: Sir Joshua Reynolds “Girl with a Baby” and a partial Aelbert Cuyp “Herdsmen and their Cows”.

Y2D132 and newbie

The joys of a new sketchbook, nothing like breaking the ice with some still life. Pity I couldn’t find the energy to scan it in properly though, you’ll just have to image the full 3B line drawing glory.


Y2D106 and more play

I haven’t played with my watercolours for ages. I use the rubbish tube ones for sketchbooks and working out ideas, and then my good pans for finished pieces. This is obviously rubbish (tubes) and sketchbook (ideas), but the colours are too vivid for what I want to do. More playing then, I suppose.



Y2D93 and ambitions

I can’t be doing resolutions; why set yourself up for failure? Instead, I am going to have New Year’s Ambitions. Mine are simple:  1. draw more, 2. do things that scare me, 3. be happy, though not necessarily in that order. Draw more is an easy one, today I completed six pages in sketchbook, including this one of bare trees from Greenwich Park.


Y2D82 and babe

New sketchbook, but back to the A4 square. I found the standard A4 too cumbersome when out and about. So the new sketchbook is christened with charcoal and piglets.


Y2D5 and old photos

Sometimes I like to look back at old holiday snaps and remember the interesting places I’ve been. But mostly to exploit them as subject matter when I cannot be bothered to draw from life….


I have noticed that the problem with sketchbooks is that sometimes you still see the previous day’s post. Oh well, it adds “atmosphere”.

Day 365 and gratitude

I made it; 365 days of drawing. Didn’t think I would get there some days, and have to admit, I’m a little lazy on timely posting, but it’s all there…365 days, more than 1,000 pages of sketching and at least eight sketchbooks.


So now what? What is going to happen for Year Two? More drawing or should I try something else? Any suggestions from my followers? Most importantly, many thanks to you all for caring enough to click that follow button. It’s because of you checking up on me that made me stick to my challenge.

So here is my final post for the 2012/2013 drawing year…enjoy!


Day 357 and last page

For this sketchbook anyway. I dismissed the lunchtime drawing from my excursion into Greenwich today and bus drawing in favour of a little TV continuous line drawing. On the very last page. Onto a new book for tomorrow…


Day 318 and more trials

Christened the new sketchbook today with some more idea trials. It’s not quite an A4 size book, but nearly. Fits nicely inside my new bag though.


Day 317 and too small

It is very difficult to go back to A6 from A4 square. Luckily today I purchased a new bag that fits an A4 size sketchbook in it. So I only had to use the “emergency” sketchbook for one day, a little drawing while I wait at Baker Street tube.


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