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Y2D170 and nearly done

I spent today mini-rusticating – popping down to Kent for lunch with the great aunt – followed by dinner in London with a friend. Many trains equals many drawing opportunities, but this is the view of Marylebone Station from the coffee shop I waited in as my friend was finishing up for the day.


Y2D65 and all rugged up

Back to work, early starts and commuter trains. With the weather being decidedly chilly these days, even the littlest of passengers are dressing warmly.


Y2D63 and little man

My godson is visiting for a couple of days with his pater, so I’ve taken the time off work to spend some quality time spoiling him rotten. Today we caught buses around central London and boats along the Thames for lots of photo opportunities.


Y2D46 and mad rush

A series of very quick line drawings from the daily commute


Y2D45 and catch up

Oh dear, getting behind in the posting. This is from Thursday, a memory drawings from the day’s travel…


Y2D42 and not quite big enough

The back windows of some flats overlook the bus station, and having just missed one bus I had a full ten minutes to observe a young fella try to open the window and let some air in. Problem was, he was just not quite big enough, and had to resort to the elder sibling in the end.


Y2D29 and down, down, down

There are some interesting angles to be had from the upper deck of the bus. And for the most part, people don’t know you are observing them, so they behave more naturally. Still not got this quite right, as the young fella is leaning back rather than coming forward.


Y2D28 and film stars

It was a bit windy today, and with all the debris about made it difficult to get home. I had a wonderful hour and a half bus journey next to a lady who looked like she came straight out of a 1930s film. I wanted to draw her, but didn’t think she would appreciate the reference, so had to settle for surreptitiously studying her for later records, what I now call ‘study in blue and yellow’….




Y2D25 and other days

Today’s sketch is a memory drawing from the other day, where I saw this cheeky little monkey take a very keen interest in the morning’s commuters.


Y2D24 and ideas generation

I’ve been thinking about Fred Williams, an Australian artist I admire greatly, and thinking how I could distill the London landscape to its essence. Trying to figure out how to strip out all that information and leave the bare essentials. Then I get distracted by freebie models, or other passengers on the train.


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