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Y2D67 and a large one

It was the work Christmas party and the pub serves 8-pint beer tubes in old oil lamp bases. The menfolk in our party thought this was a great idea. We womenfolk stuck to wine, it was much safer…



Day 359 and in the night garden

Waiting for the esteemed sibling at his local for a catch up. I’m early so spend some time in the little square out the front sketching the views by lamp-light. Always fun when you can’t quite see what you are doing….


Day 350 and slackers

The slackers in question being me. I have been very remiss in my posting, and this was done so long ago that I’ve now forgotten what I was going to say about it. Something pretending to be witty about pubs and reflections no doubt.


Day 294 and Sunday Roasts

Met with the esteemed sibling at his local for Sunday lunch. Roast for sibling and veggie flatbread for me. I arrived first so sketched this whilst I’m waiting.


I do like this pub but they need to vary their menu a little as I end up ordering the same thing all the time.

Day 273 and cool rooms

I donated my TV to the esteemed sibling today, it was distracting me and I don’t really need it. So after we installed it, we walked around to the local for a spot of Sunday lunch. Luckily the sun was shining and all the other patrons were outside, getting burnt, whereas we had the lounge to enjoy in the cool with our refreshing drinks.


Day 269 and more pubs

Another dinner with the esteemed sibling at the local watering home. Several pages completed, mostly rubbish ones, then esteemed sibling turned up. I sat in different location so I could sketch patrons at the bar, but it was pretty busy today (warm-ish weather brings them all out) so I could have sat anywhere and had something to draw.


Day 263 and pubs

I met the esteemed sibling for dinner at the Dial Arch in Woolwich today. It’s a nice pub and not too busy, most of the patrons were on the beer terrace enjoying the summer evening whilst it’s still pleasant. As we are not particularly chatty siblings, I managed to do a few pages of drawings in my sketchbook, to which sibling said “hrmmph”. So eloquent. This spread was the mirror in the next section and the tall vase of flowers in ours, though maybe I should have made you guess too.


Day 201 and pubs

I couldn’t be bothered with drawing on the way home today, besides I was laden with shopping and it was rush hour: home time for the rat race. So after doing some TV sketching, I settled on a photo of the pub we went to last weekend.


Day 146 and ruggers

Predominantly a lazy day today, catching up on household chores until the neighbours invited us to watch the rugby with them down at the local [pub]. England v France methinks, but I wasn’t paying attention as the wife and I were having one of our natters. It was rather late when we arrived home and as I had not taken my sketchbook with me, this is some last minute rugby inspired imagery.


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