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Y2D238 and running amok

I was playing around with negative space last night, and with my ink water pens. The red and purple are fine, but the black is a little too free and tends to run a lot…all over the place…especially where I don’t want it to go. Oops.


Y2D15 and dramatic profiles

Fooled you! It’s really just a bit of tv sketching. But it is a drama series, and it was a profile, so not entirely a fabrication. I do like continuous line drawing for quick “poses”, much easier to capture the essence.


Day 184 and expressions

What I really love about drawing from life is getting to know your model without talking to them. Just the act of drawing them several times allows you see the little quirks and traits that define our individuality.

Take today’s victim model: when he concentrates, the eyebrows arch….they are rather expressive but trying to pin that quality down is quite difficult, I took five goes just to get to this stage. I know this is not an exact likeness but I hope my model is recognisable to those who know him….though I wish I went for a lighter grey today.


Day 145 and pert noses

It’s strikes me as funny (both ha-ha and weird) that once you notice one thing, you see a lot of it about. Take the train ride home today. On the platform I saw one young lass on her way home, with long hair, pert nose and definitely looking like she has not been stuck to a chair in front of a computer all day. Then, once inside the carriage, I saw two more examples at separate times. It was as if there was a memo commanding them to catch trains today. And they all had this strange quality to their features…that they were made to be illustration profiles, with no extra effort on my behalf.

See what I mean? Very strange. I wonder what tomorrow’s focus group will be.


Day 69 and photos

I’ve had a lazing sketching day, a little TV practice and this one from a very old photo of my mum. I never seem to be able to catch her likeness to my satisfaction, something always seems to elude my abilities. But I keep trying, one day I will do it.


Day 25 and the daily commute

Another lethargic commute home…just the DLR and bus from Woolwich. I had no energy to think of interesting things/places to draw and only managed a couple of pages in 4B on the bus home. Luckily a couple of gentlemen obliged me by turning profile so it’s not quite the boring back of the head shot.

Day 13 and economy of line

I think I well and truly broke in my new sketchbook…nine pages so far today. Pretty good, right? All of it public transport drawing so mostly backs of heads and profiles yet again. Plus another of London Bridge Station but different viewpoint. All completed in pen (of varying shades). I like drawing in pen, it forces you to be decisive with your strokes, so that each one counts. I did one of a kid, but it was unfinished as he realised that I was drawing him and then became rather stilted. People are only good when they are unaware, then they are more natural in their posture. Hence the back of heads.

This one was daydreaming out the bus window.

Day 3 and profiles

This morning, when I first stepped on the DLR and it was fairly quiet, I decided to add to my collection of profiles with this young lady. I only had the space between two stations, as the next one would fill the carriage with passengers and I really don’t like people looking at me when I draw. They think I can’t hear their comments with my headphones in but I can, and some people can be rude. Trains are generally quiet so not so bad, the DLR rarely gets a look in the sketchbook.
But I digress, here is the purpose of today’s post, drawn in marker crayon.

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