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Y2D299 and shopping queen

I may have already mentioned how tired I am of shopping. It is not fun shopping, and by that I meant it is neither for books, art supplies or artworks. But the end is in sight, and I only have a few more piece to get for the house. Methinks six and a half bookshelves should be enough for now. So this is a little time out to sketch fellow shoppers at Ikea today, and to bring all my posts up to date.


Y2D296 and time capsules

Of course with all this unpacking, you come across things you forgot you had…the boxes become little time capsules. So you stop to investigate the object and memory, being it a book, photo or ornament.


Y2D238 and running amok

I was playing around with negative space last night, and with my ink water pens. The red and purple are fine, but the black is a little too free and tends to run a lot…all over the place…especially where I don’t want it to go. Oops.


Y2D232 and TV upgrade

The internet and T-Box has been put in the house now so I can get back to TV sketching again.


Y2D161 and sinister, of sorts

Just a little portrait practice, thanks to Netflix and Grimm…


Y2D160 and something different

Just trying a different style of drawing. It’s supposed to be a bloke, by the way, but I’m afraid he looks a little girly….


Y2D155 and speedy TV

Just practising with some quick sketches while watching TV. Though it is frustrating having to wait for all those long close-ups to finish, so I can get the full length body poses….


Y2D154 and packing

Well, I should be packing though to be honest there was much more slacking today, and spending time booking flights…


Y2D148 and grandma-ish-ness

Sometimes my friends and I act as if we were still carefree sixteen year-olds, and sometimes we feel decidedly grandma-ish. Which is not always a bad thing, considering that means five o’clock drinkies (yay) and violet creams (yay again) though not together – the after effects would be too gross.


Y2D143 and travelling outfit

This is me in about a month’s time. Obviously this is not actually me, I’m not this slender, glamorous, can afford such expensive travelling accessories, or indeed am a drawing. But you get the idea.


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