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Y2D296 and time capsules

Of course with all this unpacking, you come across things you forgot you had…the boxes become little time capsules. So you stop to investigate the object and memory, being it a book, photo or ornament.


Y2D250 and the natives

Lots of gum trees about, when I’m driving I don’t get the chance to draw them but there is always a reference photo to use later for inspiration.


Y2D186 and late nights

Oops, didn’t make time during the day so it’s back to Pinterest to practice more simplifying photos to line drawings just before going to sleep.


Y2D127 and posh frocks

It might be considered cheating using black and white photos for monochromatic drawing. After all, the photo has done all the hard work in stripping out colour information. I, however, like to think of it as making the most of available resources and time. Though it is probably just encouraging my innate indolence.



Y2D121 and here comes the rain

Quite frankly, it’s never really left. But does allow for me to mine pinterest for inspiration.


Y2D117 and lady of leisure

Who wouldn’t like to be a lady of leisure, lying all day in the sun by sparkling water. That would be fine for the first hour, then I would be completely burnt and have to seek shelter in a gallery or museum and regrow several layers of epidermis. Besides I get bored far to easily and need something to occupy my mind…and hands.


Y2D90 and old friends

I haven’t drawn a picture of my favourite pirate cat, Cap’n Jack, for a while so here is one of him and first mate, staring out the window. No doubt the pair are thinking up fiendish plans on how to nab all the local birdlife.



Y2D52 and far off lands

This is just a quick sketch from a photo of a sunset near to where my esteemed sibling’s spouse lives…sunnier climes with lovely vistas


Y2D27 and lazy sundays

I think I’m coming down with something, or at the very least, trying to avoid coming down with something. So it’s been a lazy afternoon with just enough energy for playing with water-soluble pastels and charcoal, thanks to a photo of a friend.


Y2D5 and old photos

Sometimes I like to look back at old holiday snaps and remember the interesting places I’ve been. But mostly to exploit them as subject matter when I cannot be bothered to draw from life….


I have noticed that the problem with sketchbooks is that sometimes you still see the previous day’s post. Oh well, it adds “atmosphere”.

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