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Y2D306 and dry

I don’t mean the weather, though it is still a sunny day. Not that I managed to enjoy any of it, with all the reading I need to do before tomorrow’s lecture. Some of it is so dry, it really makes for hard work. More fun to go researching on the National Library website, there are lots of interesting things to see there.


This is just from one of the afternoon breaks, before I expired from dullness….

Y2D305 and sea calling

It was a lovely day, full of warmth and sunshine, so I walked to the beach and jetty to do some sketching and enjoy the sand on my toes.


I did get a little frustrated with my people…I haven’t sketched figures properly for quite a while and have really become out of practice.

Y2D303 and comfort at last

My new arm chair has arrived at last and I’ve been making full use of it’s coziness by reading next to the fire….reading for university, of course, but reading nonetheless.


Now my lounge room is starting to look like someone lives there and not just a dumping ground.


Y2D301 and study break

Today has been all about preparation for tomorrow’s class, which is on Australian Indigenous Art. This is something I naught about, so will be a steep learning curve. At the moment I am taking a break from all the readers to sketch one of the landscape photos from a textbook. It’s all relevant….


Y2D299 and shopping queen

I may have already mentioned how tired I am of shopping. It is not fun shopping, and by that I meant it is neither for books, art supplies or artworks. But the end is in sight, and I only have a few more piece to get for the house. Methinks six and a half bookshelves should be enough for now. So this is a little time out to sketch fellow shoppers at Ikea today, and to bring all my posts up to date.


Y2D297 and bracing

I finally walked down around the shopping precinct during a break in the weather. There are some dangerous shops there, but it is still nice at the end, where the square meets the jetty, and the locals are enjoying the bracing weather.


Y2D295 and juggling

Another piece of furniture to add to the collection, this time another ‘display’ cabinet, to put all my ‘good’ glassware and ceramics in. So now I am trying the sort out what goes where…all a matter of juggling space and crockery.


Y2D294 and twinkle toes

I booked myself in to an adult beginner ballet class for the weekend. I’ve always wanted to do ballet but as a child I think I was not patience enough to do it. Now I am older and just a smidgeon wiser, I may stick to it better.


Y2D293 and settling in

There is still so much to get for my new place, one of the problems of moving back with half a house, but at least my bedroom is starting to take shape with its two new bookcases.


Y2D291 and afternoon tea

I spent the day shopping (again! Will it ever end?) so was quite relieved to pull up in front of my house at the end of it, only to be greeted by the delightful sight of a flock of house sparrows enjoying immensely their afternoon tea all along my footpath and lawn. Naturally I had to draw it.


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