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Day 306 and delays

All was well on the way home, until I was one stop on the train and it suddenly stopped. The usual suspect – signal failures – so what to do while you’re waiting? Draw, of course.


Day 296 and foot weary

A long wait after work for my friend, who is trapped at her work. So a little sketching time at London Bridge Station plus a little reading time. I get grumpy when I wait because patience is not my virtue, but that wears off pretty quick once I saw my friend. We had dinner at a lovely little Thai restaurant nearby and then a stroll along the river whilst the weather is still balmy. Now my feet are sore; my shoes are never appropriate.


Day 282 and long faces

Must be all these summery days and the realisation that they still have their winter wardrobe out…


Day 280 and knees up

…mostly because it’s rather muggy and you want as much air against skin as possible. So we all spread out in the train and hope not many people get on. I don’t mind the heat, I just don’t like the humidity, there is no escaping that…


Day 278 and weekend rush

Rusticating this weekend in England’s garden. It is, of course, the St Mary’s Platt church fete tomorrow (so any daytrippers in Kent, please drop by) and I managed to get out of work a smidgen early to get down here. As did everybody else and the train download was fairly busy. Yay, more free models…this pair boarded the train the stop before mine.


Day 270 and contemplation

I have no thoughts to pass on today…thinking stopped when I arrived at work and I’ve been on autopilot ever since. This young man appeared to be in contemplation waiting for his train on the opposite platform to me.


Day 233 and pink

Another quickie today, seem to be back to a page a day again. This time a couple of commuters on the way home, chosen at random from the DLR platform at Westferry.


Day 226 and town

More public transport passengers, waiting to go into town, unlike me, waiting to go in the opposite direction and home. Trains are fairly regular at home time, so not long to get them down; it’s just an impression really.


Day 223 and cool cat

Another busy day at college, we’ve started on our final pieces for etching. I’m doing two separate pieces so spent the morning getting my plates ready and the afternoon waiting for sugar lift to dry. I did some colourways printing with a test plate from last week since I had a little time to kill (sugar lift drying is slower than grass growing).

After college, I went to see Wozzeck at the ENO. It was okay, a bit too modern for my tastes but the orchestra were good. One the train home I spotted this cool cat daddy-o, with his trilby and horn-rim glasses.


Day 218 and Einstein hair

You see all types on public transport, which means there is always something different to draw. This lady had fabulous Einstein-esque hair, though I suspect she wasn’t best pleased about it being recorded for prosperity. Really, I thought everyone received the memo stating that only I am allowed to be the shy one…


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