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Y2D308 and rudie toots

I was in the gallery again today (what a surprise) but I took a break from study/research to sketch one of the nude sculptures that are dotted around the place (shocking!). I haven’t done a life drawing for ages, so sculpture is as good a model as it is going to get for me…




Y2D240 and available resources

I don’t sketch throughout the day as much as I ought to, so I have to use all available resources late at night. Luckily for me, I have a sleepy model ready to pose at any time.


Y2D183 and afternoon delights

I fully intended to post a drawing from Milligan College, where we went for the Leaders in Christian Service convocation, as my friend’s husband was one of the those being honoured. With all best laid plans, now you have another pikkie of kitties. They were so cute in the afternoon sunshine by the door, and Cap’n Jack was especially good at modelling today.


Y2D159 and model

I haven’t been to a life drawing class in ages so I have to grab a model when I find one. By this I naturally mean Pinterest….


Day 184 and expressions

What I really love about drawing from life is getting to know your model without talking to them. Just the act of drawing them several times allows you see the little quirks and traits that define our individuality.

Take today’s victim model: when he concentrates, the eyebrows arch….they are rather expressive but trying to pin that quality down is quite difficult, I took five goes just to get to this stage. I know this is not an exact likeness but I hope my model is recognisable to those who know him….though I wish I went for a lighter grey today.


Day 183 and mid-way

Well, lovely readers, I have made it to the half way point on my year-long  journey. It hasn’t been an easy task to keep motivated but thanks to you all, looking over my shoulder and expecting the next post, I have managed to accomplish six months of daily drawing. With you help, I’m certain that I can make it to the end of 365 days, continuing with today’s expedition to Hampstead Heath and Keat’s House.

I was with a friend, so not much on the spot drawing (I can’t draw and talk, one of those tasks distracts me from the other) but she kindly became my model for a few photos.  Earlier on our tour in one of the rooms I noticed that the light from the front window created interesting effects as she sat on the empire day-bed, looking out to the garden. I couldn’t ask her to stay in that position there and sketch (a bit rude to the tour guide) so I took a few photos and this is a quick play in pens. It’s by no means anything concrete, all the wrong angle and pose, but I think I can manage to make the photos work into a painting.


Thank you model!

Day 129 and mine!

I’ve been feeling a little poorly today and not been in the sketching mood so I have resorted to another portrait of Capt’n Jack, who is fast becoming my model du jour, this time captured in conté crayons. Methinks he is trying to nab the camera here…but it’s mine!



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