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Y2D265 and eek! Squeak!

I thought I had left the mice behind in England, but no! The cold, windy weather has brought them inside and we have seen our first for the winter. Peppi, naturally, slept through all the commotion, so I’m thinking of swapping him for a lively kitten.


Y2D223 and morning jaunts

I went into Queenscliff today for a bit of a mooch and to see the  Ben Shearer exhibition at the Salt Gallery. It was quite quiet when I arrived…quiet for a sunny day and Mother’s Day at that…so plenty of spaces to park and walk around town. I nipped over to the cliffs, so I could get my lighthouse and jetty fixes for the day.


It was getting much busier by the time I left, being lunchtime it is probably not surprising.

Y2D171 and goodbyes

Today is my last day in London, for the foreseeable future at least. Tomorrow I am on a plane to Milan, and other than an overnight stay next Tuesday, I won’t be back here any time soon. So what better way to spend my last day than with friends enjoying the V&A cafe in all its glory.


As I will be travelling for the next five weeks, my posts will be a little sporadic, so please bear with me until I get a more permanent base….and wifi.

Y2D170 and nearly done

I spent today mini-rusticating – popping down to Kent for lunch with the great aunt – followed by dinner in London with a friend. Many trains equals many drawing opportunities, but this is the view of Marylebone Station from the coffee shop I waited in as my friend was finishing up for the day.


Y2D167 and walkies

We had a pub lunch today so I thought I would go for a little walk to work it off. You know, just to see what was down the other side of esteemed sibling’s apartment building. Well, little walk turned into a 12km ramble as I ended up by the beautiful Victorian Crossness Pumping Station at Belvedere. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day with a pleasant breeze coming off the river, and a few sketching opportunities along the way, such as this container ship being loaded on the opposite bank of the Thames.


Y2D166 and enjoying sunshine

Esteemed sibling and I went into town today to meet our aunt for lunch at the National Gallery. We took the boat in to Embankment, which is a lovely way to travel into London when it’s sunny – the Thames looks all sparkly and everyone seem that little bit happier. After lunch, Aunt and I had a mooch around the gallery, seeing new aquisitions and trying to figure out what some artists wanted to say. Then on the way back to the apartment, I walked along the Thames path (not all the way from London) in the twilight, just enjoying the evening air.


Y2D165 and end of an era

So this is it. I am now all sold up, moved out and officially sans home. It was rather strange, wandering around my soon to be ex-stomping grounds, thinking this would be the last time I see things. Certainly the last chance I will get of drawing the house.


Y2D163 and half way there

So today the removalists came to pack up everything I want to ship back to the home country. Which is essentially books, books, paintings, oh yeah, more books. I feel for the packers, they certainly had their work cut out for them, but at least it was dry and not too cold. I am exhausted though, I has been a long day…they were here for over nine hours, so I think they are much more worse for wear than me!  I did manage a few minutes in the afternoon to sketch the neighbouring terrace’s roof tops though.


Y2D157 and do not adjust your screens

Today was spent at the British Museum. I wanted to see the Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition before I left, plus it’s an easy place to meet my friend and do some sketching. As it was the first day of the Vikings, it was packed and the unexpected fire alarm did not help when letting people back in, but there were some fabulous items to peruse. On the other hand, the Germany Divided drawings and prints display was blissfully empty(ish) with many intriguing drawings and prints, such as a selection of George Baselitz’ inverted works in his distinctive expressive style. Both are definitely worth a visit if you are in and around Holborn.


Y2D152 and gallery days

I took time out from my busy schedule of slacking to go and see a few exhibitions in town today. First up was “Paul Klee: Making Visible” at the Tate Modern followed by the “Court and Craft” and “A Dialogue with Nature” at the Courtauld Gallery, where I did this spread.


I like Gainsborough’s drawings, he has a lovely way with pen and ink. Samuel Palmer’s drawings from the early 1800s are a mixed media delight. I’m so used to drawings of that period being one, maybe two media, but these look more like something John Piper produced. Fabulous.

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