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Y2D20 and feeling blue

Been playing with the inktense sticks today, and this emerged from the page, with a bit of help from the new BBC series, Atlantis.



Y2D6 and the evening meal

Here is another go at a still life; it is basically my dinner as I was too slothful to go outside to sketch.

I must have some Mediterranean blood in me somewhere, as I’m the only person I know who loves octopus for tea, not that they make for attractive subject matter but you can’t have everything. Besides, isn’t that half the challenge – to make something unappealling visually interesting? Oh, and being able to draw it in the first place.


Hmm, I also seem to be going through a colour phase, even though it is meant to be Inktober. Oh, well….

Y2D5 and old photos

Sometimes I like to look back at old holiday snaps and remember the interesting places I’ve been. But mostly to exploit them as subject matter when I cannot be bothered to draw from life….


I have noticed that the problem with sketchbooks is that sometimes you still see the previous day’s post. Oh well, it adds “atmosphere”.

Y2D3 and preparations

When ever I turn my attention to something new, it turns into a kind of obsession….lots of preparatory drawings, photos, thoughts and doodling. Sometimes it leads to nothing, some times it takes several years for the right path to emerge, then it is idea generation until I am happy to start the final painting or print. One current obsession is the Thames Barrier, and I may have just the right idea for it now. It’s not this.


Day 362 and Auerbach

Not so much about Frank Auerbach himself but rather being motivated by his National Gallery-inspired sketches. There are a collection of them at the coffee nook in the gallery, that illustrates his close relationship with drawing and referencing the artistic greats that have gone before him. I think they are lovely, and they help me not to worry so much that my sketches are not precise replicas either .

Today (or rather yesterday as I am writing this on Saturday) I spent time in Room 40, at first with Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s “Rinaldo turning in Shame from the Magic Shield” and then moving on to “An Allegory with Venus and Time” before my friend came to collect me for a coffee.



Day 212 and Henry Moore

I watched a video on youtube today, that was about Henry Moore, his art and studio practices. As it was made in 1951, it includes footage of the great man himself explaining how he starts new ideas in his sketchbook. At one time in the film, you see Mr Moore at work in said piece of genius where he was washing over drawings (presumably in wax crayon or chalk) with India ink. I said to myself, I am going to do that tonight, so have been spending a happy hour or so, playing around with wax crayons and ink on some A3 cheap and cheerful watercolour paper.


Day 181 and hide and seek

There are plenty of Easter themed bunnies (real or otherwise) on Pinterest to provide seasonal inspiration. This shy little fellow was a real photo…


Day 146 and ruggers

Predominantly a lazy day today, catching up on household chores until the neighbours invited us to watch the rugby with them down at the local [pub]. England v France methinks, but I wasn’t paying attention as the wife and I were having one of our natters. It was rather late when we arrived home and as I had not taken my sketchbook with me, this is some last minute rugby inspired imagery.


Day 142 and pinterest

Thank goodness for Pinterest. It is a never-ending source of inspirations and saves the lazy drawer (such as myself) much time in finding suitable subjects.

Today I have attempted toddlers, cats, fifties counter girls and bears. Where else would you find such variety? I also managed to try out my new pen, a Japanese calligraphy style one called Zig Extra Fine in Cool Grey. It’s pretty nice to hold but a little scratchy. It would be good for those with a confident stroke.


Day 141 and reference libraries

I’m building up a reference library of photographs that I find interesting and may be of use in my art. They could be texture, shape or colour references, and I usually get a strange look or two when I snap the photograph;  they are generally of subjects not considered particularly photogenic by other people.

Tonight I was have a browse through them and used them for a little drawing inspiration. This is an old one of Bergamot seed heads in my backyard. I think seed heads have a lovely texture and architectural quality to them. What do you find interesting?


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