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Y2D260 and looking up

Sometimes we have to look up to get a little inspiration, even if it is half eleven at night and it’s only the ceiling fan.


Y2D217 and coffee table shore

Now I’m back home you’d think I would be all excited to get outside and go drawing, but no. Here is a part of the shell collection on the coffee table.


Y2D152 and gallery days

I took time out from my busy schedule of slacking to go and see a few exhibitions in town today. First up was “Paul Klee: Making Visible” at the Tate Modern followed by the “Court and Craft” and “A Dialogue with Nature” at the Courtauld Gallery, where I did this spread.


I like Gainsborough’s drawings, he has a lovely way with pen and ink. Samuel Palmer’s drawings from the early 1800s are a mixed media delight. I’m so used to drawings of that period being one, maybe two media, but these look more like something John Piper produced. Fabulous.

Y2D121 and here comes the rain

Quite frankly, it’s never really left. But does allow for me to mine pinterest for inspiration.


Y2D101 and household objects

I’ve been pretty timely of late, making the concerted effort to draw and post a couple of pages every day, but the brain is slowly running out of inspirations. Or maybe it’s been sidelined by fighting the cold that is going around at the moment. So I am back to drawing objects from around the house, such as my new(ish) sushi dish set, in woody 3-in-1 and pen.


Y2D62 and heroes

Apologies, not the super variety, these are poor imitations of several of my drawing/illustration heroes. I often wonder how you get a ‘style’ or inspiration for a character. When I sit down to try to create my own, my mind goes blank. Sometimes I think I am only good at being a muse for others and my muse had abandoned me many, many moons ago.


Y2D58 and notating life

Being easily distracted, I quite often see things that I think would make a good abstract painting and then have to notate said ideas as quickly as possible before I forget. Sometimes it is obvious things like a sunrise or light on water, but mostly it is weird things, like colour and line on the opposite platform’s camera monitors when I’m awaiting my train home.


Y2D36 and fantasy-scapes

In doing some family tree research, I can across old archival photographs from a town that an ancestral relative had been purported to discover. One of them made a good basis for a imaginary river scene.


Y2D30 and endrawings

I stopped by the Young Dürer exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery this evening on the way to meet a friend. It was very interesting, and he has a way of shading as if he was etching and not drawing. So I decided to give it a go on the Mielich downstairs. It’s not as easy as one would think, especially if it is your natural tendency to shade first, then outline…but there is something to be gained by copying the old masters, if only practice and composition.


Y2D23 and end of the day

New (to me) TV series to watch and more inspiration, usually in the background, a random scene that somehow appeals. Though I do feel it’s cheating when you hit pause.


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