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Y2D298 and strolls

The sun appeared in the afternoon, just in time for me to go to my ballet class. It’s a short stroll through the local park, with its tree-lined avenue, and makes for a lovely afternoon. Class was fun, though I am not sure how much I have learnt. But I will go next week, and try not to look quite so serious and/or terrified. And red.



Y2D295 and juggling

Another piece of furniture to add to the collection, this time another ‘display’ cabinet, to put all my ‘good’ glassware and ceramics in. So now I am trying the sort out what goes where…all a matter of juggling space and crockery.


Y2D285 and making an entrance

I’m overnighting at my SB’s house on the big more to Adelaide – my SB/SSiL have a lovely old house with lots of period feature, such as the beautiful stain glass surrounds on the front door, fretwork and plaster mouldings.


Y2D275 and sunshine resumes

Methinks the worst of the bad weather has gone, as sunshine was the order of the day today. Adelaide looks very pretty when it is sunny, especially when you see the dappled light on the columns of the Art Gallery mirroring the light on the beautiful gum trees outside. Of course I had to stop and draw it.


I went back to the gallery today to spent some time in the two temporary exhibitions that are currently being displayed: ‘Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces’ and ‘The World of Mortimer Menpes’. They were very well presented, with much to see, though I admit my preference is for the modernism of Dorrit Black’s work even though I am a printmaker at heart (sorry Mortimer!). I did amuse myself by reading the titles/descriptions and seeing how I inadvertently followed in the footsteps of artists, but to be honest, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…

Y2D269 and new baby

I picked up my new baby today, that I christened by driving up to Hamilton. Of course I was paranoid the whole time about another driver scratching the car and was extra-cautious when parking, though I do now get to sit and draw in comfort while I wait.



Y2D262 and sitting pretty

I probably have mentioned that we have a few birds in our vicinity, including a couple of species of parrots. Not as many as I saw driving through the forests by Mt Gambier mind you, but still a few pretty ones like this Eastern Rosella we saw the other day on our bird feeder. Luckily all the local flora and fauna give me something to draw, that no doubt you will all be seeing much on.


Y2D256 and fun(gi) times

The turn in the weather has brought out a plethora of fungi in everyone’s gardens in all sorts of shapes and colours. No-one is willing to pick any though, there is a better chance of a fairy appearing under one.


Y2D251 and gardening

Today we were laying old bricks as pavers around the toybox in the back yard. It’s not too hard work but takes time sorting the bricks into the best possible configuration, though it is somewhat rustic in appearance. Plus we had to trim the overhanging tree to open up the corner a bit. That means I have some pretty leaves to practice my drawing skills with.


Y2D245 and take five

This trip is all about catching up with friends and family, so it’s always nice to take five and play on the computer, or in Peppi’s case, have a snooze.


Y2D238 and running amok

I was playing around with negative space last night, and with my ink water pens. The red and purple are fine, but the black is a little too free and tends to run a lot…all over the place…especially where I don’t want it to go. Oops.


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