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Y2D285 and making an entrance

I’m overnighting at my SB’s house on the big more to Adelaide – my SB/SSiL have a lovely old house with lots of period feature, such as the beautiful stain glass surrounds on the front door, fretwork and plaster mouldings.



Y2D259 and all the right angles

I may have mentioned before that the neighbours’ house is quite modern, lots of straight lines, angles and the like. There is also a little pergola area, that in the right position frames the trees across the street very well for a double page sketch.


Y2D225 and night night

We’ve had pretty clear nights lately, and with the moon out, the weatherboard on the neighbour’s house has an eerie glow. With the curtains open the lights out, it would make a great setting for a ghost story. So with that, good night and sweet dreams…


Y2D185 and not cats

See, I am capable of non-feline sketches. Capable of straight lines is another issue altogether. Still, there is nothing like a stairway for practice and the dark wood/light walls help somewhat.


I think this means I am finally up-to-date. Whether it stays that way remains to be seen.

Y2D179 and window dressing

The window in my room makes lovely tartan-esque patterns in the morning, all dark shadows and filmy curtains.


Y2D163 and half way there

So today the removalists came to pack up everything I want to ship back to the home country. Which is essentially books, books, paintings, oh yeah, more books. I feel for the packers, they certainly had their work cut out for them, but at least it was dry and not too cold. I am exhausted though, I has been a long day…they were here for over nine hours, so I think they are much more worse for wear than me!  I did manage a few minutes in the afternoon to sketch the neighbouring terrace’s roof tops though.


Day 143 and going the extra mile

I am always amazed that the creativity of others. Some people are content to read the fairy tales to their children. Others go the extra mile and build the fairy tale house in their garden. Imagine what it would be like to have someone like that near you…


Day 85 and waiting

Just a little warning to all my followers, I am back from my trip now so will be posting all the previous posts in one lot…sorry for the bombardment!

Christmas Eve and just getting ourselves ready for the big day. We are still able to take time out to listen to Carols by Candlelight and watch from the front window as cars go by looking for Christmas lights.



Day 42 and windows

A bit of a lost day today, mostly working on the laptop and decidedly not going out…a rest day.

So this is the view from my bedroom window over the neighbouring townhouses towards the Thames.

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