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Y2D125 and get on with it

More tv sketching whilst I am confining myself to the house this weekend. I am going a little stir crazy.


And I’d like to point out to the universe that I am so over being ill now, it’s really messing up with my getting on with life bit, which I really would like to…well..get on with.


Y2D120 and soft kitty

Been particularly poorly today, so I holed up in bed in the hope that sleep will help. I won’t gross you out with the grisly details. Unfortunately no Sheldon appeared to run me a hot bath, rub Vicks on my chest and sing Soft Kitty, but hopefully I have managed to kick the worst of it and can go back to civilisation tomorrow.


This is obviously not me, but gives you the idea. If I was going to have an out of body experience, I can think of a few better bedrooms to spend it in than my own…

Y2D110 and glassware

Just a few objects from around the house, and from this morning’s kitchen clear out.


I like line drawings, but I haven’t done a proper one for a while. This I first did in graphite and then went over in a scratchy pen.

Y2D68 and off the list

I have a new fence, finally! After the “great storm” in November blew down my doddering old one, I was forced to finally replace it. So I spent all day out in the cold helping to put up a new one. I was frozen to the bone by the end of it, but at least it’s another thing to check off the list.


Y2D59 and little big cat

Winter hats are out in force and kids’ ones are generally the cutest and funniest. Today we had a little big cat on the way home after a big day prowling around town.


Y2D7 and morning rituals

Who am I kidding, I don’t blow-dry my hair. This hairdryer, hanging off the bathroom door, is for pure decorational purposes only…and the odd visitor.


Y2D1 and continuing

Welcome to October, and the Big Draw month, and year two of the drawing challenge (that may evolve into something else)….


Day 353 and welcoming

Really people, if you did not want me to look into your front rooms, then don’t leave the curtains open and the lights on, because I am a nosy so-and-so. This window is by my local bus stop. It is nothing special except that the lit lamp in the otherwise dark window always looks so welcoming….and I like playing with gold pencils.


Day 347 and cheery

I thought I would brighten the kitchen up with a new pot plant, so I bought some pretty magenta primulas to sit by the window. Now that is much more cheery.


Day 328 and rear window

My bedroom window overlooks the back garden. Since I added the conservatory, this is mostly my view now. Plus the shed, gate and miniature plum tree.


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