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Y2D290 and research

Today I have been researching storage solutions. I have only the minimum but surprising large rooms so I need 2 display cabinets (to take all my ceramics and glassware), two bookcases and a pantry shelf. All I have been doing this week is buying things for the house and I am tired of it, but I’m also impatient so this means I have been haunting Ikea for answers to my home needs. They’ll be surprised that I haven’t visited today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go again…



Y2D287 and followed

I’m being stalked by cold weather. I left England to escape the cold but apparently it has followed me here to Adelaide. My new place is particularly chilly at the moment as it is completely empty, so I am shivering under all my new linen on the “luxury” blow up mattress. My real bed gets delivered tomorrow (Wednesday) along with all my shipped belongings. Then it is the long arduous chore of unpacking and finding a “spot” for everything.


Y2D265 and eek! Squeak!

I thought I had left the mice behind in England, but no! The cold, windy weather has brought them inside and we have seen our first for the winter. Peppi, naturally, slept through all the commotion, so I’m thinking of swapping him for a lively kitten.


Y2D215 and warming up

Days are getting chillier (by Australian standards) so we are making the most of the new gas fire in the living room…so cozy.

Y2D213 and recovering

First full day in Australia, spent mostly at the beach house doing umpteen loads of washing. We has a quick drive around a few new subdivisions, just to see what new houses were like. Drawing was confined to Peppi, who does not understand the virtue of remaining still.


Y2D211 and this is it

Tuesday was my last day on the Big Trip Home, and after a slightly stressful start I’m in my business class seat watching the other aeroplanes whilst mine is preparing for take-off. Next stop is Australia

Y2D178 and snooping

This is a rushed drawing of the hallway as I spent all my time snooping through my friend’s office, under the guise of spring cleaning (with her full permission and her being there, of course). Lots of things to look at and say “what’s this for”? I love a good cleaning out, especially when it’s someone else’s house….I know what is in mine.


Y2D165 and end of an era

So this is it. I am now all sold up, moved out and officially sans home. It was rather strange, wandering around my soon to be ex-stomping grounds, thinking this would be the last time I see things. Certainly the last chance I will get of drawing the house.


Y2D147 and water line

Just playing with lines, water and glass. Gotta make the most of what is around the house…


Y2D135 and freedom

I finally have a completion date on my house sale.  It has been a very slow and tiresome process but shall soon be as free as a bird to do as I please. Now I can finally start on a new chapter of my life, the problem is deciding what that chapter is….


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