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Y2D211 and this is it

Tuesday was my last day on the Big Trip Home, and after a slightly stressful start I’m in my business class seat watching the other aeroplanes whilst mine is preparing for take-off. Next stop is Australia

Y2D210 and penultimates

Today was my penultimate day in Hawaii, and penultimate day on this long trip home. I took a tour and visited Pearl Harbour to see the USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial. I found out much more from that period in history, and (of course) met more Australians. The memorial is very comprehensive and in an active military base, so it was a little surprising to see this ship flying the Canadian colours.


Y2D209 and keeping a distance

I can see the ocean from my 20th floor lanai, but I can’t see details…with or without my glasses.


It’s meant to be a family playing in the water but, well, you know….distance and all that.

Y2D208 and flat batteries

I’m writing this on Sunday morning (where I should be getting ready and going to breakfast) as I was just too pooped to do this last night. I left my cruise friends early (about 21:30) and came back to my room, had a bath and then fell asleep on the bed, laptop on and TV blaring.

Anyhow, yesterday I went to the Honolulu Museum of Art, a gallery established by Anna Rice Cooke as an institution to showcase and nurture artistic identity on the islands, it has a large and well represented collection. There are also several temporary exhibition (my favourite being the ‘Remaining Remnants’ in the textile gallery), and plenty of opportunities to sketch (“Yes, of course you can sketch in the museum”). All in all, a very easy and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.


Now, I have a couple more days in Waikiki to go before I fly onto Melbourne and need to get my new life sorted out – let’s hope the batteries last until then. It’s raining at the moment, so that may curb my sightseeing inclinations and may encourage restful vacation…but not likely.

Y2D207 and making the most of it

Well, I certainly didn’t make the most of my time in Kauai, but my new cruising friend and I definitely made the most of our time on the ship today, going to wine tastings, quizzes and shopping. But today is the last full day on the Pride of America, so that meant lots of good byes, packing and final cocktails. Plus getting photos of the towel menageries that the stewards like to leave around, not that I can draw them very well in my current (‘happy’) state.


So that now brings me up to date. I suppose I will have to leave the comfort of my hotel and go for a visit somewhere. Probably an art gallery, I haven’t been in one for over a week now!


Y2D206 and last port

Thursday found the ship in Nawiliwili on Kauai for our last (overnight) stop on this cruise. I hadn’t any shore trips planned so had a lazy morning, with pilates and hula classes, then took the trolley bus for some more souvenir shopping. My side of the ship has a beautiful view of the old sugar plant so we’re using the other side for today’s drawing pleasure.


Y2D205 and stud farms

Wednesday was a visit to the seahorse ‘farm’ near Kilau-Kona on the Big Island. This organisation is about raising seashorses in capitivity so that they can improve stocks in the wild. It was all very interesting and I did learn a lot. Afterwards I was dropped off at Hilo Hatties for my first proper souvenir jaunt. It was a beautiful, sunny day but the sun was too strong for me (this was the middle of the day) so I escaped back to the cool (and champers) of my balcony.


Y2D204 and getting high

I was very excited about Tuesday’s sightseeing trip – we drove to the top of Mauna Kea on the Big Island to visit the observatories up there. This is over 13,000ft high so we needed to spend a little time building up those red blood cells at 9,000ft. It was certainly worth the view as we had a beautiful clear day above the clouds and could easily see Haleakala Crater on Maui. We also were able to see inside Keck I telescope, but unfortunately all the astronomers were asleep so it was not “switched on”. Afterwards we stopped by a lava tube park for lunch and also had a quick visit to the Liliuokalani Gardens to stretch our legs. It was a great day, and big thank you to Ikaika for being such a fantastic guide. This is a quick sketch of the mountain ridge from our 9,000ft stop.


Y2D203 and floral treats

My sightseeing trip was cancelled today (Monday), so it was just a day of mooching around the ship; I don’t really fancing going shopping in a mall. I also spent time playing with my watercolours and inks, using the enormous orchid in my stateroom (cabin) for inspiration.


Y2D202 and expressive Maui

I managed half an hour between yoga, haircuts and sightseeing to sketch the view from my balcony of the mountains past Kahului on Maui in a combination of watersoluble wax crayons, ink and pen. Not that you can tell, but there is a lot of low lying cloud obscuring the top of the ranges outside of town.


Today’s (Sunday) sightseeing trip was a sunset excursion up to Haleakala Crater, that afforded (when the weather permitted) spectacular views.

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