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Y2D64 and deer

My little man did not quite believe me that there were deer in Greenwich Park, where we went for a visit. So we had to walk all over the park to find them, happily chasing gulls and feeding squirrels in the interim. A good way to tucker him out for his long drive home. And I’m back to work tomorrow.


Day 357 and last page

For this sketchbook anyway. I dismissed the lunchtime drawing from my excursion into Greenwich today and bus drawing in favour of a little TV continuous line drawing. On the very last page. Onto a new book for tomorrow…


Day 352 and trying not to forget

It’s not that I have a bad memory, it’s just that I’m so easily distracted that I then won’t remember the point for years. Apparently the corners of my mind are very dark and deep so things are easily misplaced. This has nothing to do with the couple on the bus below but everything about trying to remember how the foot tunnel entrance looked across the river from the university, all white and pretty against the dark green of the trees.


Day 338 and clocks

I love the clock tower at Greenwich. Its so clean, simple and modern. Plus it tells the time so for someone like me, who doesn’t wear a watch, that is always useful.


Day 307 and surprises

Just when you think you know a place, it manages to surprise you. I found a lake in Greenwich Park today, that I never knew was there, having always walked different routes. I sat in the twilight at an intersection of paths, so that I had lots of drawing opportunities, such as this leafy path.


Day 276 and head shots

More public transport models, though technically they are pedestrian models as I was the one on public transport.  Took the bus home from Greenwich so I could have plenty of sketching opportunities. Pity the models don’t stand still for very long though….


Day 198 and benches

Only five minutes at Greenwich station, whilst I wait for the train to take me home. Just enough time to attempt this young lass, enjoying the sunshine as she waited for her train on a bench on the opposite platform. Londoners enjoy the sunshine when it turns up, as it never lasts that long!


Day 140 and fans

Yes, I know that this is quite removed from the subject of this post but that is my esteemed sibling’s fault. He said I should be drawing fans, as I went to the Fan Museum in Greenwich today, but kitties are so much more fun.


The fan museum had some lovely art, both made up and as paper, with old and “new” examples. There was also a section explaining how they were made…and who knew there was a guild of fan makers? See, always learning something new. But, the fans were a little too intricate for me to attempt, and as we did not hang around Greenwich, there was no sketching the general scene…besides, I forgot to take my new sketchbook with me. So it’s kitty photos tonight instead.

Day 14 and tourists

Today was sunny but cold, and what better to do on such an autumnal day than go to Greenwich and observe the tourists. They were certainly out in force this afternoon. Too crowded for me, so best to sit in a coffee shop, where I can draw their antics from a safe distance.

Anyway, I was in Greenwich not just for people watching/sketching, but also to meet a friend and help her on a project, so I only managed some sketching in B pencil before and after our meeting. I did this one waiting for the bus ride home. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this took me 15 mins to complete!  What did I say about straight lines? I did mention architecture was not my strong point…and it’s meant to be the clock tower near Greenwich  train station, in case you were having trouble figuring it out.


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