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Y2D235 and new nights out

Did I mention that I treated the folks to a evening of wine and food at the new(ish) wine bar in Point Lonsdale? It’s a lovely place called “Noble Rot” and we had a great time, though next time I would like not to be the designated driver so I get to sample more of the delicious beverages. Chances are we will be going there again.


Y2D220 and water feature

I had a busy day shopping in Geelong for boring things, like new mobile phones, internet donglely things, and more winter appropriate wear. It was such a sunny day and I was indoors. By the time I arrived back at the house and unloaded all the shopping, I could only flake until bedtime and then only rouse myself enough to sketch the glass of water.

Y2D147 and water line

Just playing with lines, water and glass. Gotta make the most of what is around the house…


Y2D110 and glassware

Just a few objects from around the house, and from this morning’s kitchen clear out.


I like line drawings, but I haven’t done a proper one for a while. This I first did in graphite and then went over in a scratchy pen.

Y2D61 and drinkies

Running around town getting parcels sent for Christmas, picking up last minute items for last minute guests, then time to sit back with some cool refreshment.


Day 363 and inheritance

This, in line drawing format, is the liberated pint glass acquired from my best friend when she left these grey isles, balanced as usual quite precariously on my sofa’s arm…I wonder who will be the next custodian when I choose to do the same.


Day 136 and sideboard

These are some of the items on my sideboard. As you can see, I am running out of (a) time and (b) inspiration tonight so its a glass polar bear, unglazed ceramic vase, two oblong serving dishes and a wallet for you. Nice angle though, even if I do say so myself.


Day 135 and a glass of Porter

My friend posted a picture of her cat calmly waiting for the vet – any feline carer/reader will know how photo-worthy this is – and it was a lovely *awww* picture. I have been thinking how good it would look as an illustration, so spent today trying a few ideas out. Then I thought that as his name was Porter, surely he should come in a glass.


So here is the sketch, that reminds me a little of Gary Patterson’s cat art, though nowhere near as good.

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