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Y2D278 and that sinking feeling

I had a bit of an explore of Mount Gambier and it’s surrounding area, places I haven’t been to before such as the Umpherston Sinkhole and the lighthouses at Cape Northumberland. I extracted my sketchbook at the sinkhole (a natural formation that is now a garden – very lush) as there were not many people there, but pretty soon I got that watched over the shoulder feeling and sure enough, there were a lot more visitors than when I arrived, despite the drizzly weather.


I didn’t bother with the sketchbook at the Cape, it was blowing a gale and I had a hard enough time keeping myself upright, nor did I use it when I went up the road to the Coonawarra wine region, far too busy exploring other things at the vineyards!

Y2D277 and mix ups

Oh dear, it looks like I forgot to post the 1st July’s sketch. This is what happens when you don’t keep on top of things, so technically this image is Day 274 but post-wise it is going to be Day 277. Confused? I am.


Anyway, this is from a walk around the gardens along South Terrace in Adelaide. It is very leafy there so rather pleasant to stroll when it’s not raining. Now I think that should bring us all up to date, don’t you?

Y2D259 and all the right angles

I may have mentioned before that the neighbours’ house is quite modern, lots of straight lines, angles and the like. There is also a little pergola area, that in the right position frames the trees across the street very well for a double page sketch.


Y2D256 and fun(gi) times

The turn in the weather has brought out a plethora of fungi in everyone’s gardens in all sorts of shapes and colours. No-one is willing to pick any though, there is a better chance of a fairy appearing under one.


Y2D255 and chores

I’ve spent the majority of the day doing those little electronic chores that I like to put off…sorting images, scanning the sketchbook and printing out pages. Now I should be relatively up-to-date so can relax for a week or so, and get back to the important business of sketching the neighbours’ gardens using the pater’s highlighter pens.


Y2D252 and where’s my gumboots?

We are nearly finished with the paving now, just have to brush sand and concrete into the gaps to make it a little more stable. With all the dirt around, I wish I had gumboots to wear instead of my sneakers. Cleaning those is going to be a pain.


Y2D251 and gardening

Today we were laying old bricks as pavers around the toybox in the back yard. It’s not too hard work but takes time sorting the bricks into the best possible configuration, though it is somewhat rustic in appearance. Plus we had to trim the overhanging tree to open up the corner a bit. That means I have some pretty leaves to practice my drawing skills with.


Y2D233 and community gardens

We spent the afternoon in the nearby town of Point Lonsdale, checking out the shops, walking along the waterfront, having coffee and generally mooching about. We also spotted this cute little community garden, that was a such a tranquil little spot, including this funny scarecrow.


Y2D226 and free willies

Sorry, the title had to be done. I am of course referring to the passerines native to Australia. Willie Wagtails are cute little monochromatic birds that hop and dance around the garden, and are generally a happy little sight.


There are quite a few birds in our and the surrounding backyards including magpies, mudlarks, currawongs, kookaburras, honeyeaters, mynas and noisy miners. I really need to get myself a new bird book.

Y2D68 and off the list

I have a new fence, finally! After the “great storm” in November blew down my doddering old one, I was forced to finally replace it. So I spent all day out in the cold helping to put up a new one. I was frozen to the bone by the end of it, but at least it’s another thing to check off the list.


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