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Y2D308 and rudie toots

I was in the gallery again today (what a surprise) but I took a break from study/research to sketch one of the nude sculptures that are dotted around the place (shocking!). I haven’t done a life drawing for ages, so sculpture is as good a model as it is going to get for me…



Y2D307 and more research

For a course that is only two evenings a week, I seem to spend seven days researching, either reading, being in the library or studying the paintings in the gallery….I don’t know how my fellow students manage part-time or full-time jobs as well.


Y2D304 and any excuse

All my assignments involve me spending vast amounts of time at the gallery, so I get to draw all sorts of objects under the banner of “research”. Terrible, isn’t it?


Y2D302 and student life

I spent most of today at university, picking up more readers, researching for projects, attending tutorials, signing up for the Student Union and generally becoming a proper tertiary scholar. It’s all a little bewildering and intrepid but mostly exciting and great fun. And I love that I can take study breaks next door in the gallery, sketching the displays such as the two Nicholas below (though technically one is a Nikolaus).


Y2D300 and bright eyes

First day of university for me, and I was up early. Not for classes mind, they don’t start until 4pm, but for the plumber who was coming around to fix my leaky kitchen pipes. I went into uni early anyway, to pick up my readers, investigate the library, and draw in the Gallery next door. Preparation for class, of course. 😉


Y2D275 and sunshine resumes

Methinks the worst of the bad weather has gone, as sunshine was the order of the day today. Adelaide looks very pretty when it is sunny, especially when you see the dappled light on the columns of the Art Gallery mirroring the light on the beautiful gum trees outside. Of course I had to stop and draw it.


I went back to the gallery today to spent some time in the two temporary exhibitions that are currently being displayed: ‘Dorrit Black: Unseen Forces’ and ‘The World of Mortimer Menpes’. They were very well presented, with much to see, though I admit my preference is for the modernism of Dorrit Black’s work even though I am a printmaker at heart (sorry Mortimer!). I did amuse myself by reading the titles/descriptions and seeing how I inadvertently followed in the footsteps of artists, but to be honest, it doesn’t take much to amuse me…

Y2D274 and exploration

I had a spare hour between flat hunting and seeing my new professor, so I spent it at the Art Gallery of South Australia, which is next to my new university. I will be spending an immense amount of time here over the coming years, so I took my time to explore some rooms and study a few paintings. Though I was very surprised to hear that not many people ask about the sketching policy. Who doesn’t like sketching in a gallery?


Y2D247 and art day

I went to the local art gallery in Hamilton today. It’s quite compact but had several small exhibitions that were very interesting and diverse, including WWI items, a local artist and pre-Federation colonial art. The permanent collection on display currently includes local portraits, Japanese pottery and Italian glass, plus there were lots of little vistas to draw throughout the gallery.


Y2D239 and magazines

The good thing about moving countries is that you get a whole new set of magazines to investigate. I picked up an Art Guide in the local newsagent and have been flipping through. There are lots of interesting exhibitions on around the country. I could draw art from them individually but why do that when I can put all my favourite bits on one page?


Y2D224 and new old friends

I spent the morning going around the Geelong Art Gallery. I thought I had better take advantage of my free time while I’m still in the ranks of unemployed. It’s a compact gallery, with only a portion of its collection on display but still has three rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Best of all, it’s free to wander around. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours enjoying the displays and sketching/making notes on those that caught my eye. There were several paintings I haven’t seen before, by some very old friends, plus some new friends to keep my eye out for on future gallery visits.


Afterwards, I meandered over to the Metropolis gallery, to see the Michael  Leunig prints and the Landscape and Memory exhibition, with works by Sisca Verwoert and Victoria Howlett. There were several paintings by Sisca that I would love to have gone home with…if only my wallet allows.

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