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Y2D197 and looking back

This is my last full day on The Canadian. It has been especially picturesque as we went through the Rocky Mountains, and very exciting when we saw both a coyote and a bear (but not at the same time). It is a day that is also tinged with sadness as I said goodbye to new friends in Edmonton and then in Jasper. So now, it is time time to sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the rear window of the bullet carriage as we coast our way into Vancouver.


So this will now bring me up-to-date. I’m currently in my very posh Sheraton hotel room, but have plans to visit the Art Gallery this afternoon as it is just down the street.

Y2D192 and scampering

We went out for cocktails and dinner, so by the time we walked home the cats were most insistent on second dinner. That also means there is much scampering after second dinner as the sudden calorie intake goes to their head. That wears off pretty quick when they realise there are three laps to be had.


Y2D182 and no visitors

On the bird feeder at least. Inside the house is another matter as my friend’s family is up to visit – it’s lovely to see them all again.


Today has been surprisingly mild, and we went for a walk in the Spring sunshine. Feels like a holiday now. 🙂

Y2D180 and more kitties

I spent this morning sketching the cats playing, snoozing and generally being cute. Here is Cap’n Jack snuggled up in the corner of their favourite chair.


I’m taking full advantage of being in a house full of felines.

Y2D178 and snooping

This is a rushed drawing of the hallway as I spent all my time snooping through my friend’s office, under the guise of spring cleaning (with her full permission and her being there, of course). Lots of things to look at and say “what’s this for”? I love a good cleaning out, especially when it’s someone else’s house….I know what is in mine.


Y2D177 and kitties

Made it to the USA, and my friend very kindly completed the trek to collect me from Charlotte. So tonight (ie Wednesday and not Friday as I am writing this), I spent time sketching all the kitties in the house. This is Juno taking a nap on her mum’s arm rest.


Y2D171 and goodbyes

Today is my last day in London, for the foreseeable future at least. Tomorrow I am on a plane to Milan, and other than an overnight stay next Tuesday, I won’t be back here any time soon. So what better way to spend my last day than with friends enjoying the V&A cafe in all its glory.


As I will be travelling for the next five weeks, my posts will be a little sporadic, so please bear with me until I get a more permanent base….and wifi.

Y2D156 and delayed pressies

Today I met up with a friend who treated me to “The 39 Steps” at the Criterion Theatre, as a delayed birthday present. It was rather funny and we both enjoyed it. Prior to meeting said friend, I spent a couple of hours in the National Gallery, primarily to see the double “Sunflowers” exhibit, but also to have maybe a final wander. They have been busy rehanging, what with the new Bellows on display plus some others that I haven’t seen before. Then, of course, there were old friends, like Mr  Gainsborough’s daughters and their cat….


Y2D148 and grandma-ish-ness

Sometimes my friends and I act as if we were still carefree sixteen year-olds, and sometimes we feel decidedly grandma-ish. Which is not always a bad thing, considering that means five o’clock drinkies (yay) and violet creams (yay again) though not together – the after effects would be too gross.


Y2D104 and unabashed plug

I met with a couple of friends this afternoon; they have a band, Revoc Rocks,  and play at pubs, parties and other events with mostly covers and some original songs. Today we had fun trying to figure out why the foot pedal for the lights was not working. Turns out, we’re all pretty useless when it comes to being lighting technicians. What I can do, however, is utilise my blogging prowess to make an unashamed plug for them, so here is Skye rocking on her guitar.


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