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Y2D264 and faded

Today was a day of outdoor chores, starting with painting the primer on the toybox pipes and posts, then helping the pater making the trestles for his layout board. So taking a few minutes out to sketch the flowers about the house, some new like the proteas and some that as past their prime like these orchids.


Y2D203 and floral treats

My sightseeing trip was cancelled today (Monday), so it was just a day of mooching around the ship; I don’t really fancing going shopping in a mall. I also spent time playing with my watercolours and inks, using the enormous orchid in my stateroom (cabin) for inspiration.


Y2D169 and waiting rooms

Poor hyacinths have been cut down in their prime in my chiropractor’s waiting room. Apparently the scent was a little contentious.


Y2D168 and that’ll do

I could have done a sketch about lunch today, or shopping for paper shredders, or my inability to decide what to have for dinner. So we have ranunculus in milk bottles. That’ll do for today.


Y2D144 and swag

Today was my penultimate day at work. Yes, I know, it’s weird having your last day on a Monday but them’s the breaks. My colleagues decided that today was as good a day as any to embarrass me with the “sorry you leaving us” speech and present gifts. I’m not so good with face-to-face praise, ergo am not so gracious at these types of events, though the thoughts and gestures are much appreciated. And I did get lots of well-considered gifts, including a lovely bunch of flowers that have these pretty little things, whose name eludes me.


Y2D97 and colour palette

When I uploaded this scan to my image library, I realised my artistic colour palette is very limited – mostly black, blue and the old flash of colour. A bit like my wardrobe really.


Day 361 and negatives

This started as another straight floral piece, but then I decided to concentrate on the negatives. Which is probably just as well, as I’m pants at flowers, even after nearly a year….


Day 347 and cheery

I thought I would brighten the kitchen up with a new pot plant, so I bought some pretty magenta primulas to sit by the window. Now that is much more cheery.


Day 343 and Sunday arrangements

Time for another floral post, this time in coloured pens and with roses, chryssies and that weird purple papery plant.


Day 336 and a month to go

Nearly there, managed eleven months so far so its the last push for this year challenge. Let’s start with a focus on those iris.


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