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Y2D237 and footy run

Sunday is sports day and we went to see my nephews play in their respective AFL matches. It was a good excuse to be in the fresh air, eat pies and catch up with family. It is also an hour and a half away, so plenty of driving through rural Victoria and watching the countryside go past.


Y2D209 and keeping a distance

I can see the ocean from my 20th floor lanai, but I can’t see details…with or without my glasses.


It’s meant to be a family playing in the water but, well, you know….distance and all that.

Y2D182 and no visitors

On the bird feeder at least. Inside the house is another matter as my friend’s family is up to visit – it’s lovely to see them all again.


Today has been surprisingly mild, and we went for a walk in the Spring sunshine. Feels like a holiday now. 🙂

Y2D166 and enjoying sunshine

Esteemed sibling and I went into town today to meet our aunt for lunch at the National Gallery. We took the boat in to Embankment, which is a lovely way to travel into London when it’s sunny – the Thames looks all sparkly and everyone seem that little bit happier. After lunch, Aunt and I had a mooch around the gallery, seeing new aquisitions and trying to figure out what some artists wanted to say. Then on the way back to the apartment, I walked along the Thames path (not all the way from London) in the twilight, just enjoying the evening air.


Y2D139 and procrastination

I really need to get myself organised from my big move so I spent Sunday lunching with family and watching netflix. Very productive.


Day 272 and mapping

I’ve been doing a bit of family history research lately. It agrees with me, the finding out pointless information that will have no practical application other than to soothe my curiosity. But I have been finding interesting patterns: places and names that keep popping up repeatedly. Strange that you have an idea of where your family should come from but they end up originating from the another area time and again. Maybe that is why we instinctively feel happier in some places than others….


Day 262 and frustrations

My SIL’s cat passed away, so my brother asked me to draw him and his brother for him. One, the rotund one, is not so much a problem, but his brother is proving problematic. Just too angular so I cannot seem to capture his likeness…these are the ones I have been doing tonight in pen and ink, but it doesn’t seem to matter what medium I use. Hmmmm, maybe I should stick to strange felines.


Day 80 and visiting

It was a full day of activity with my WSS (wicked step sister), BIL and exuberant nephews, nearly forgot to do some drawing but luckily a new environment provides new inspiration, even if it is only book shelves.


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