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Y2D92 and twinkling

I was rather early this morning, on the way to work, and with the heavy overnight cloud it was still v.dark and the lights look so pretty as they twinkled over the Thames.


I would like to thank all my followers for their company during 2013 and hope they have a fabulous New Year’s Eve, wherever you may be, and all your dreams come true in 2014. May it be a creative year for you.


Day 325 and inadequate

I must be losing my love affair with photography, I find the modern (digital) photography just does not capture what I want in the way drawing does. Like the interesting shapes and patterns formed by the lighting and roof at the DLR station. I tried to get some of it down quickly but didn’t have time for great detail, but it is more like what I was after than the photo on my smart phone.


Day 311 and bank

Just a little too late to make one DLR home so had to wait eight minutes for the next train. Just enough time for three pages of quick sketches, like this one of the platform.



Day 309 and happy days

The weather may be not very summery, but having etching evening classes after work makes the day. Today was just sorting out plates, but tomorrow the fun starts. Can’t wait. In the mean time, here is a line drawing of the view home on the DLR.


Day 277 and dishy

Today (or rather yesterday, Thursday), there was a rather attractive young man to brighten my public transport experience. I think it was the overall “look” that he achieved, rather than any particular facial features…such as the Andy Capp, horn rims, and casually smart suit he wore. If only more young men dressed as well, my journeys to and from work would be far more enjoyable.


PS apologies for the awful blue tint on the pic,  just could not get a decent colour correction on this one.


Day 233 and pink

Another quickie today, seem to be back to a page a day again. This time a couple of commuters on the way home, chosen at random from the DLR platform at Westferry.


Day 226 and town

More public transport passengers, waiting to go into town, unlike me, waiting to go in the opposite direction and home. Trains are fairly regular at home time, so not long to get them down; it’s just an impression really.


Day 124 and guinea pigs

Today was a little experiment in reducing sketches down to their simplest but still figurative form. I wondered how little I needed to record in order to retain a recognisable person. These were my guinea pigs from the DLR on the way home tonight. They were the passengers who kept still the longest.


Day 114 and commuting

Another memory drawing today (there was also more pedestrians, passengers and doorways, but they are not worthy of posting). This lady was on the DLR into work this morning and looked very cosy, wrapped up in her chunky scarf and woollen coat.


Day 19 and penguins

Another short and sweet post tonight…I’m too tired to write much. I didn’t draw much either, just a couple of pages at Westferry DLR.

This one started life as the two penguins on a billboard, then graduated to include the doors from a passing train, to finally having the young man who paced the platform.
By that time my train had arrived.

Maybe I’ll sketch something more interesting at the British Museum tomorrow.

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