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Y2D284 and send offs

It’s my last full day in Victoria for a while, so we trundled off to Bistro at Banks for a spot of dinner and wine. Lots of laughs and a full belly later we trundled home again.


Y2D276 and new technology

I am a bit of a technophobe (okay, maybe not a just a bit) so I wouldn’t download any “arty” apps onto my smart phone, but my new one came with a “sketch” app that I finally managed to play around with tonight at dinner. Nothing terribly exciting, just trying to sketch the bottle of water on my table. I suppose it’s a bit like non-messy finger painting but I still prefer my sketchbook and pen any day.


Y2D230 and baa-lambs

I cooked one of my magazine recipes today…it was a lamb curry. It was meant to be shanks but it’s easier to bone and dice a shoulder. (Sorry to all my vegetarian and vegan readers, but I’m an omnivore.) Anyway, in honour of that lovely creature who is now my dinner, here is  lamb and ewe. I used to draw stylised sheep like this all the time, it’s quite a simple shape for stencilling and stamp making, but this is the first one in ages.


Y2D193 and epic

Hey, I’m back in the blogosphere so here is me catching up on the past five days’ worth of posts….

Today (Friday) I flew from Tennessee to Toronto on two small regional flights. It was fun though we were delayed on the first one as there was too much traffic at Charlotte airport. Luckily my flight out of Charlotte was from the same terminal and so there was no running about like headless chooks. On arrival at Toronto there was more waiting to be picked up by my town car and be delivered to the very swanky Fairmont Royal York hotel. I was feeling more a little fragile by the time I arrived at the hotel but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed by a warm bath and delicious dinner in their bar/restaurant, named Epic. This is the view from my table across the bar to the foyer and the large grandfatherly clock that is in the centre.


Y2D192 and scampering

We went out for cocktails and dinner, so by the time we walked home the cats were most insistent on second dinner. That also means there is much scampering after second dinner as the sudden calorie intake goes to their head. That wears off pretty quick when they realise there are three laps to be had.


Y2D6 and the evening meal

Here is another go at a still life; it is basically my dinner as I was too slothful to go outside to sketch.

I must have some Mediterranean blood in me somewhere, as I’m the only person I know who loves octopus for tea, not that they make for attractive subject matter but you can’t have everything. Besides, isn’t that half the challenge – to make something unappealling visually interesting? Oh, and being able to draw it in the first place.


Hmm, I also seem to be going through a colour phase, even though it is meant to be Inktober. Oh, well….

Day 241 and invitations

A late post from me as having just arrived back from a dinner invitation. Before y’all get excited, not that sort of dinner invitation (or maybe it is, I don’t know how your mind works).

On the previous course, I had become quite friendly with one of my fellow attendees, and being a local she invited me to her home for dinner and to meet her husband.Very gracious and generous, we had a lovely meal and talked to quite late into the night about all sorts of things. Unfortunately, I eventually had to make a push as I was to walk across town to the hotel, get up for class in the morning, and they had commitments for tomorrow as well.

So with meeting my new friend straight after class and enjoying a full evening, I only have the sketches from class today to show. No extra drawing today, sorry!


Day 163 and go fish

I cooked kippers for tea, and though they tasted lovely, I am not a major fan of them: too many bones for me. I thought “fish on a plate” might be a suitable subject for today’s sketching theme, so plundered the internet for some interesting photographs…leftover kippers do not make a particularly attractive drawing.


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