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Day 252 and….um, this?

So I managed to get the meadow down to ankle height, need to let it dry a little more till I can trim it to proper grass height. Now I have a nice covering of nettle rash to add to the bruised I acquired moving furniture yesterday.

I didn’t want to think about my drawing today, so I just rehashed some Cornish rooftops to see what sort of line drawing I could come up with. Apparently this.


Day 246 and sunsets

We had a rather spectacular sunset tonight, so I spent a few moments trying to get the colours down on paper. But colour on a page is not that interesting so I overlaid it with a  sketch of the Newlyn light, from a photo taken on Saturday.


Day 243 and last chance

Not long before reality strikes again, so this may be one of my last chances to draw the view of the town, and attempt some architecture. I was going to visit the Tate tonight, but my feet were sore after standing at an easel all day and I did not feel like hanging around. I might pop in again on Sunday morning. But for now some cottages and foliage…


Day 241 and invitations

A late post from me as having just arrived back from a dinner invitation. Before y’all get excited, not that sort of dinner invitation (or maybe it is, I don’t know how your mind works).

On the previous course, I had become quite friendly with one of my fellow attendees, and being a local she invited me to her home for dinner and to meet her husband.Very gracious and generous, we had a lovely meal and talked to quite late into the night about all sorts of things. Unfortunately, I eventually had to make a push as I was to walk across town to the hotel, get up for class in the morning, and they had commitments for tomorrow as well.

So with meeting my new friend straight after class and enjoying a full evening, I only have the sketches from class today to show. No extra drawing today, sorry!


Day 238 and on a roll

More pages today, what is it about Cornwall that makes me prolific? The sun? The sea? The fresh, salty air? Probably the knowledge that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow so I am much more relaxed and happy…and creative.

Today I did a gallery “tour”, starting off with the summer hanging at the St Ives and then meandering into as many small galleries as I can find. As there is an open studio week, there were quite a few artists around to chat with, and occasionally see working. People are appear much more friendlier here, or at least they tend to start talking to me. I don’t know why I inspire such confidences, I must have “that kind of face”. I even had a salty old dog strike up a conversation whilst I was at the end of the pier taking photos. Out of the blue, recording the watery blue.

Here is today’s selection, including highlights of Tate St Ives, soporific holiday makers and views from the hotel bar.


Day 232 and re-working

A quick sketch based on an etching based on a photograph. Sometimes it can just be a rehash, sometimes it can produce something rather interesting. Today I think it is somewhere in between the two.


The original is of St Ives harbour (tide out), where I will soon to be enjoy a whole week of arting goodness. Can’t wait.

Day 122 and new discoveries

I love it when a gallery or museum appears on my radar. I adore it when said newly encountered gallery is free and has a late night so I can go after work.

Two Temple Place ( recently came to my attention, and after checking out their website, I thought they were worth visiting. I went this evening to see the “Amongst Heroes” exhibition in their gorgeous building. It’s like being let into a stately home after dark…all in the centre of London…and I am not sure which I enjoyed more, the building or the exhibition.

The exhibition is subtitled “The Artist in Working Cornwall”, and had a good selection of paintings and objects. They covered fishing (of course), mining (of course), farming and crafting. I will, naturally, delight in any exhibition that has a boat in the middle of it, even if it takes me three attempts to get this far when sketching it.


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