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Y2D230 and baa-lambs

I cooked one of my magazine recipes today…it was a lamb curry. It was meant to be shanks but it’s easier to bone and dice a shoulder. (Sorry to all my vegetarian and vegan readers, but I’m an omnivore.) Anyway, in honour of that lovely creature who is now my dinner, here is  lamb and ewe. I used to draw stylised sheep like this all the time, it’s quite a simple shape for stencilling and stamp making, but this is the first one in ages.


Y2D227 and doing the hard stuff

I need to do my online portfolio. It’s a job I loathe but it has to be done. I’ve registered the domain, selected the template and am now populating it with text and images. So there are lots of idea sketches in my book at the moment, and it’s an excuse to bring out the colourbox.


Y2D97 and colour palette

When I uploaded this scan to my image library, I realised my artistic colour palette is very limited – mostly black, blue and the old flash of colour. A bit like my wardrobe really.


Y2D71 and manly

Who said pink can’t be manly? Surely all you need is a tough guy with a stern expression and it is as macho as can be.


Day 284 and cheerful

Time to brighten up the house with some new flowers, this time mixing peonies and beautiful purply green thistles. Lovely…



Day 246 and sunsets

We had a rather spectacular sunset tonight, so I spent a few moments trying to get the colours down on paper. But colour on a page is not that interesting so I overlaid it with a  sketch of the Newlyn light, from a photo taken on Saturday.


Day 217 and soft kitty

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of green….” hang on, that’s not right, but hey ho, it’s a green kitty because that is the colour of pencil that leapt from my pencil case into my hand. No laziness had any part in the choosing of colours here. I’ve probably drawn better kitties, but not today.


Day 161 and row boats

Another post inspired by pinterest imagery; row boats being the theme today. I was also trying to create a scene á la Sir Quentin Blake’s fat Stabilo watercolour pencil series but using inktense sticks and blue biro. Bright, at the very least, but not quite so spontaneous.


Day 118 and Australia Day

In honour of this special day, here are a couple of colour studies, completed from a photo taken on my recent trip home. I think it’s only appropriate….


The first is in oil pastels and the second is a combination of water-soluble wax crayons and sepia marker pen.

On a secondary note, I have also enrolled in a Diploma of Children’s Book Illustration today, which is both exciting and scary. I dare say I will be blogging more about the course over the coming year.


Day 88 and memories

Not sure if oil pastels count as drawing but I have been trying to recapture from my dodgy memory the gorgeous sunset from my flight descent into Melbourne airport a week ago.  It was just a riot of glorious colour…


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