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Y2D287 and followed

I’m being stalked by cold weather. I left England to escape the cold but apparently it has followed me here to Adelaide. My new place is particularly chilly at the moment as it is completely empty, so I am shivering under all my new linen on the “luxury” blow up mattress. My real bed gets delivered tomorrow (Wednesday) along with all my shipped belongings. Then it is the long arduous chore of unpacking and finding a “spot” for everything.


Y2D196 and farm fresh

We crossed the border into Manitoba and then Saskatchewan. Both are relatively flat and full of farms growing various grain crops, but always with a few trees on the side. It was a much better day weather-wise, being rather sunny, though I was not getting out at Winnipeg – -7C is by far too cold for me. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we stop at Edmonton then Jasper.


I don’t often do a spread in my sketchbook, but the land is so immense, you need all the space you can get.

Y2D41 and steamy windows

It has definitely turned autumnal, and we are now waking up to frosty morns and steamy windows. Snuggling weather, methinks.



Day 137 and all rugged up

Today’s drawing is brought to you by the Transport for London, or rather, the people who are seen by the buses that fall under TfL’s umbrella. This little one was waiting in the cold for a bus going the other way, but she looked so cute all rugged up for the journey.


Day 126 and vistas

Today I went to Hall Place in Bexley ( It was grey and chilly but no rain so not all bad. Hall Place is a lovely Tudor house, with extensive gardens (still somewhat dormant at this time of year) and the River Cray running through the grounds. There was (to me) a surprising amount of people braving the cold to feed the geese and ducks along the river’s banks.

I was going to try to sketch one of the beautifully restored rooms, but ran a little late (I wanted to catch the farmer’s market before it closed) so had to settle for a few pages trying to pin down the vistas in the grounds. And a few geese.


Day 109 and chilly

Just some quick notes, whilst waiting in the evening cold for the bus to take me home from my favourite second-hand bookstore in Greenwich. Passers-by were not playing ball and walking slowly enough for me to get them down on paper, so I had to switch to parked cars. In between shivering.


Day 37 and headaches

I hate colds; they give you stuffy noses and headaches, and then you can’t be bothered to do any drawing, as all you want to do is snuggle under the doona and ignore the outside world.

Luckily my bedroom provides some inspiration…even from under the doona.

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