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Y2D170 and nearly done

I spent today mini-rusticating – popping down to Kent for lunch with the great aunt – followed by dinner in London with a friend. Many trains equals many drawing opportunities, but this is the view of Marylebone Station from the coffee shop I waited in as my friend was finishing up for the day.


Y2D72 and street furniture

Today I had a little wait before meeting my friend; we were going to see Ben Miller in “The Duck House”, which we thoroughly recommend by the way. As said friend was a little late (thank you Transport for London) and it was cold, I sat drawing the lamps, railings and windows from a local coffee shop window.  Always practicing those lines. Do they look straighter to you?



Day 340 and supper

Whilst waiting for my friend and ensuing Vietnamese goodness at Pho, I sat in Leon with a cuppa and sketching others with their suppers. Really the only sensible thing to do with an hour on your hands….


Day 290 and coffee dates

I’m meant to meet my friend at Oxford Street, which is my idea of hell, and I finish an hour and a half earlier than her, so I need to steel myself by sitting in a cafe and sketching the other inmates…


Day 204 and ladies who coffee

Short and sweet today, too tired to write much tonight (not that I am particularly verbose on any other day). Spent half an hour before the chiro in the local coffee shop, having a mug and sketching the inmates…


Day 156 and chapeaux

I hate waiting. Well, that is not entirely true. I don’t mind waiting if it is time that I’ve anticipated, I don’t like it when it’s unexpected hanging around. Particularly if I have nothing to occupy myself with in the interim. Luckily I now always have my trusty sketchbook to relieve the boredom, such as today when I was waiting to meet some people. Just as well there was a nearby coffee shop to ensconced myself and draw passers-by, fellow caffeine drinkers, belongings and so on, and so forth. Like this rather stylish hat.


Day 104 and people-watching

I may have previously mentioned before that I come from a long line of people-watchers, that, in the sketching business, does come in quite handy. Whether it be six pages in an airport, four pages in a coffee shop, five pages in the British Museum or four pages on the train, it can only mean one thing…I have three pages left in the current sketchbook. Hooray!


This blue lady is from the train home after a lunch-time visit to the British Museum.

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