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Y2D86 and walkies

Merry Christmas morn, or as I write this post, afternoon. I went for a walk this morning, while there was a break in the clouds, up around the common, with my sketchbook in hand. I say walking, but what I really mean is trying not to fall on my butt in the mud and constantly stopping suddenly to sketch something in my book. So today I bring you charcoal pencil renditions of the traditional Christmas… parrot… sitting atop a disused gas light pole.


Y2D85 and yuletide greetings

It wouldn’t be Christmas without reindeers, so here’s a double page spread of them.


I love the pens from work; they aren’t waterproof so you can push the ink around the page. But not being waterproof means they are also not permanent. What a shame, but you can still have lots of fun with them in a sketchbook.

Y2D84 and tomte time

This was going to be another Chuckalicious post but then I remembered it was Christmas Eve Eve, so it must be tomte time!


Y2D49 and that time already

Yep, Christmas is nearly upon us, so I am now madly buying, wrapping and posting pressies. At the moment, they are in household stacks, ready for the postage deadline of 4th December….hope they make their final destination on time.


Day 86 and C-Day

Oops, it’s nearly midnight and I have completely run out of time to do ANY drawing, so I have to rely on photographs for a quick sketch. Just forgot to take time out for drawing today, with all the having people around, opening pressies and cooking/eating enormous quantities of food.


Day 85 and waiting

Just a little warning to all my followers, I am back from my trip now so will be posting all the previous posts in one lot…sorry for the bombardment!

Christmas Eve and just getting ourselves ready for the big day. We are still able to take time out to listen to Carols by Candlelight and watch from the front window as cars go by looking for Christmas lights.



Day 61 and card making

Absolutely no time for drawing today, as I spent it all making yuletide cards to go with the presents I need to send tomorrow. Did managed a quick sketch of one though, which is below plus the original for comparison. I’ve gone rather abstract this year.


Day 56 and testing ideas

Not much drawing done today, I finished off two more ornaments, so that is design three, and I tested the water with some Yuletide card ideas. The only thing I’m firm on is that I want my cards to involve freehand machine stitching. At any rate, I need to decide and get on with making them if I am to send the pressies out by this weekend.

Day 49 and decorations

I’ve spent the afternoon making decorations. So far I have completed…one. I’m so slow at this embroidery malarkey, slow and very rustic. Still, I am pleased at how it turned out, and am onto my second one. I doubt I will have it finished this evening but definitely this week. I plan on have at least 5 or 6 designs with two of each. My first ones are the slippers that I made for the Craftster ( Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap Round 3. Both of these designs are white felt with red thread, mini bells and rick rack. This one has a green button in the centre. Not sure what the other designs will be.

Day 46 and wrapping

I’m in the midst of Chrissie pressie wrapping, I have to send them out to all corners of the world by the end of the month.

These are some of the gifts that will be going both around the UK and past the equator. I’ve used several techniques on this, such as negative space shading and continuous line drawing. There is a little crayon in there somewhere as well…

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