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Y2D120 and soft kitty

Been particularly poorly today, so I holed up in bed in the hope that sleep will help. I won’t gross you out with the grisly details. Unfortunately no Sheldon appeared to run me a hot bath, rub Vicks on my chest and sing Soft Kitty, but hopefully I have managed to kick the worst of it and can go back to civilisation tomorrow.


This is obviously not me, but gives you the idea. If I was going to have an out of body experience, I can think of a few better bedrooms to spend it in than my own…

Y2D115 and nearly spring

Surely it must be lambing time, it’s been spring-ish since last autumn. So here is a perky little friend, just to get things going.


Y2D86 and walkies

Merry Christmas morn, or as I write this post, afternoon. I went for a walk this morning, while there was a break in the clouds, up around the common, with my sketchbook in hand. I say walking, but what I really mean is trying not to fall on my butt in the mud and constantly stopping suddenly to sketch something in my book. So today I bring you charcoal pencil renditions of the traditional Christmas… parrot… sitting atop a disused gas light pole.


Y2D82 and babe

New sketchbook, but back to the A4 square. I found the standard A4 too cumbersome when out and about. So the new sketchbook is christened with charcoal and piglets.


Y2D76 and too many toys

Not much to say about this, just a little TV sketching with my supercharged XL charcoal blocks. I love the colours they come in, and they fix decently as well. I should play with them more often. A case of too many toys in the box, methinks.


Y2D56 and multi-tasking

More playing with the XL blocks, this time whilst trying to watch Rita, a Danish comedy/drama about an unorthodox teacher. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to draw and read subtitles at the same time, so I am doing both tasks quite badly. Probably doesn’t help that I’m slouching all over the sofa too.


Y2D55 and new toys

I bought a box of XL charcoal sticks to mess around with, so here is a little bit of fun.


Y2D38 and shadows

I both love and hate charcoal. It gets all over the place, but feels great on the page. Every stroke is permanent, there is no going back, but it is also the material that makes the best shadows. I need to do more proper portraits.


Y2D5 and old photos

Sometimes I like to look back at old holiday snaps and remember the interesting places I’ve been. But mostly to exploit them as subject matter when I cannot be bothered to draw from life….


I have noticed that the problem with sketchbooks is that sometimes you still see the previous day’s post. Oh well, it adds “atmosphere”.

Day 335 and iris

New flowers today, to brighten up the house. I have someone coming to stay tomorrow so I ought to make some sort of effort. This current sketchbook has v.textured paper. I haven’t, as yet, decided if this is a good thing or bad.


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