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Y2D138 and hello kitty

Once again Pinterest comes up trumps with the cute cat photographs.



Y2D102 and new friends

I was helping a friend navigate Word, a program that is not her native application, at her house, and she has two British Shorthairs who were being very typical cats. By that I mean, they ignore you until they are quite sure your attention is elsewhere, and then decide that is when your hand can only be their slave.


Y2D90 and old friends

I haven’t drawn a picture of my favourite pirate cat, Cap’n Jack, for a while so here is one of him and first mate, staring out the window. No doubt the pair are thinking up fiendish plans on how to nab all the local birdlife.



Y2D79 and lucky cats

I’m somewhat a fan of the maneki-neko, particularly in yellow, so when I saw this money box at the Japan Centre, I had to have it.


Apologies to any Japanese readers, should my attempt at copying characters accidently say something rude.

Y2D43 and shell kitty

Just practising with shell patterns and the friendly kitty from Saturday…


Y2D31 and all mine

A black cat for All Hallows’ Eve, but you had better watch out, as all the sweets are mine!


Thanks to Bing for the kitty photo!

Y2D13 and household additions

My friends have brought home a new little girl, and like proud parents, have been snapping away furiously.

Well, she is a cutie….


Y2D2 and introducing….

This may very well be the first ever sketch of Capt’n Jack the Pirate Cat, though he is still only in ideas mode. Just trying on a few…outfits, shall we say…to see where he might go. I did this at work (hence the red and black pens on scrap paper) when I had a little downtime this afternoon.


Day 330 and garden tiger

Ahh, the August Bank Holiday Monday, the last until Christmas and marks the end of summer. It really is going to be grey from here on in, but still just enough sun to catch garden tigers stalking their prey…. This one goes by the v.masculine name of Mr Flossy.


Day 303 and sleepy capt’n

Time for more kitty sketches. This is bit of a mixed media with my favourite model, Capt’n Jack, first some acrylic washes, then a bit of magenta ink and finishing touches with charcoal.


This is on watercolour paper, though I did a couple more in my sketchbook.

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