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Y2D134 and nesting

I think some magpies are nesting in a tree in the neighbour’s back garden behind me, I’ve seen by far too many lately. It does make for the telling my fortune that little more difficult though, as I’m not quite sure if it is joy, a girl or gold that I will be receiving.



Y2D86 and walkies

Merry Christmas morn, or as I write this post, afternoon. I went for a walk this morning, while there was a break in the clouds, up around the common, with my sketchbook in hand. I say walking, but what I really mean is trying not to fall on my butt in the mud and constantly stopping suddenly to sketch something in my book. So today I bring you charcoal pencil renditions of the traditional Christmas… parrot… sitting atop a disused gas light pole.


Y2D69 and greenery

Yesterday was the first time I saw rose-ringed parakeets around my home. I’ve seen them in various parts of south west London, but apparently the rising tree prices have forced them to the somewhat cheaper south east. They are very pretty but do make an awful racket and mess. I hope they don’t force out the local tits, sparrows and finch populations though.


Day 210 and nesting

Not so much nesting as a having a sort through, which appears to be my current Sunday chore-of-choice. Still sorting through and cataloguing my books, nearly at 1,150 and almost there…probably will be a little over that mark when all done. At least it’s a start of a modest library, but slight short of the 10,000 mark. And I have nearly read them all, I only have a “small” unread pile.

So to tide you over until tomorrow, here is someone else in their nest….


Day 208 and new toys

I bought some Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 last week and have only just managed to try them out. A few pages in the sketchbook using old photos as inspiration. I wanted to use them as Sir Quentin Blake used them on some pieces in the recent exhibition I saw. I am no where near as fluid as the great man, but they are fun to use. Plus, if you draw over them with a Pitt Artist Pen whilst still wet, the pen has some interesting lines. I need a pen that bleeds more though…


Day 172 and mohawks

Feeling lazy this evening (as opposed to this morning at work, when I have no equipment with me) so it’s cute animal pics from pinterest. I love the mohawk that this little guy is sporting…bet he listens to a punk rock too!


Day 171 and something new

Today I attempted a new exercise that I read in April’s Artists & Illustrators magazine ( entitled Painterly Drawing, whereby you use Zest-It and a brush to blend in oil/wax pastel work. You can also go over it with a graphic pencil, like I did on these two re-imagining of previous drawings.


On the fish I did not work the pastels as thick as I should have, so the Zest-It went right through the paper. However, it did bring up a right treat the pearlescent bubble wrap print I did underneath previously. So swings and roundabouts there. I am quite happy with the shore bird one though.

Day 168 and inky birds

A bit of fun with pen and ink today…the real kind involving an ink pot and pen nibs. I used some old photographs from a long ago trip as inspiration but I was really just playing around, seeing what happens with different nibs and if you add colours or water to the equation.


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